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  1. COOL count me in dudez bout time we get some cool gamez goin in gta. Hmm cop or robber
  2. WE ARE OFFICALLY RECRUITING AGAIN! to join just post here and ill get in touch with ya via PM, E-mail or this forum THIS POST OFFICALLY MADE BY }EvO{BrophY
  3. To any clans who would like us a clan match. Just post on here but dont expect us to fight you in 10min of posting
  4. my msn is mad_halliday@hotmail.com so jus mail me and we'll arrange it better.
  5. lol, u name da server. we'll be der p.s. i aggree wit u on dem PIGS we all shud kick der ass damn cheaters
  6. Yeah sure thing guys. We will love to allie with you and that training match sounds ace. Just tell us when it suits you we will practice definitely with u.
  7. well that was quite tense. Our team wont flame any one but if i smell bacon we will kick ass p.s. dont confuse us with the team PIG pleaseeeee
  8. [PWA] Pigs With Attitude Allies None so far Neutral None so far Enemies SM PIG(Cheaters)
  9. The new current members are: [PWA]ZERG [PWA]OVERKILL [PWA]BROPHY [PWA]BAST [PWA]WRAITH [PWA]ThE_OnE [PWA]Vinnie [PWA]Shrek [PWA]J@ssy
  10. so forgot about all that. VCP our team would like your team a match but are u alright for that??? and when shall we have it
  11. well i wasnt in that match, so sorry bout da team, we seem to be goin off in all directions challenging here, there and everywhere!
  12. When did we arrange the SM match? God our team needs some organisation lol. We will do what vinnie said but when we arrange a match next time give a bit of a warning, i knew nothing about it
  13. when we av u a match u sure will get a challenge.
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