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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The awaited gamemodeeee is back again!
  2. It still moves with my camera
  3. dxDrawMaterialLine3D( v.x, v.y, v.z, v.x + 1/9, v.y + 1/9, v.z + 0, self.material, 1/9, tocolor(v.r, v.g, v.b, 255), ?, ?, ? ) I want to make it so that, when you move around the image doesn't move. Not sure what I am meant to put at faceX, faceY, faceZ
  4. FlyingSpoon


    Well you seem inexperienced, you might want to do some more research before trying to set up a server. You can do some research regarding MySQL, and MySQL Servers; there's plenty of YouTube Tutorials available.
  5. Since you're using leaked/stolen scripts, I don't think anyone will help you. And as you can see, the debug string is saying that you're trying to compare a number with a nil value.
  6. Nvm, thisdp gave me an easier solution
  7. Using 50p's Masked Texture creator, I was trying to mess with it a little and was wondering if you could apply solid colors over the textures? I've given it a try below, but it doesn't work so therefore it's wrong. Can anyone help out? Lua File float red; float green; float blue; float alpha; texture ScreenTexture; sampler implicitInputTexture = sampler_state { Texture = <ScreenTexture>; }; texture MaskTexture; sampler implicitMaskTexture = sampler_state { Texture = <MaskTexture>; }; float4 MaskTextureMain( float2 uv : TEXCOORD0 ) : COLOR0 { float4 sampledTexture = tex2D( implicitInputTexture, uv ); float4 maskSampled = tex2D( implicitMaskTexture, uv ); sampledTexture.a = (maskSampled.r + maskSampled.g + maskSampled.b) / 3.0f; return sampledTexture; } technique Technique1 { pass Pass1 { MaterialAmbient = float4(red, green, blue, alpha); AlphaBlendEnable = true; SrcBlend = SrcAlpha; DestBlend = InvSrcAlpha; PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 MaskTextureMain(); } } Shader CMasker = { }; CMasker.__index = CMasker; function CMasker: create( texture, mask ) local cShader = { shader = dxCreateShader( "/files/50masktexture.fx" ), texture = dxCreateTexture( texture, "argb", true, "clamp" ), maskTexture = dxCreateTexture( mask, "argb", true, "clamp" ), }; dxSetShaderValue( cShader.shader, "ScreenTexture", cShader.texture ); dxSetShaderValue( cShader.shader, "MaskTexture", cShader.maskTexture ); self.__index = self; setmetatable( cShader, self ); return cShader; end function CMasker: draw( x, y, width, height ) if self.shader then dxDrawImage( x, y, width, height, self.shader ); end end function CMasker: color ( r, g, b ) if self.shader then dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'red', r/255 ) dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'green', g/255 ) dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'blue', b/255 ) dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'alpha', 255/255 ) end end function CMasker: destroy( ) if self.shader then destroyElement( self.shader ); end if self.texture then destroyElement( self.texture ); end if self.maskTexture then destroyElement( self.maskTexture ); end end
  8. I've tried it, you can still see the imperfection. Plus I think it might be better to use images since there's less rendering to do.
  9. I tried DGS, it's still not as smooth as I want it to be, you can see the rough edges. It's a good try though, thanks. Perfect that's what I needed.
  10. Yeah I know its possible with CEF, but I want to avoid that. Trying to do it through Dx, I've seen people do something with dxDrawImageSection, any idea on that?
  11. Already did, problem with that is that it's not really smooth on the edges, you see it breaking. What do you recommend?
  12. function drawRoundedRectangle ( x, y, w, h ) -- draw image end Curious if I'm able to make a function like this, and resize the image without blurring it out. Resizing both the width and height. For example, using this image -
  13. Hi there, I'm looking for a designer who can help me with my dxLib, struggling to come up with designs at the moment, and I'm willing to pay for the design. Also need a logo with an icon. If you are interested, please make sure you have some previous work to show. We can discuss more about this through Discord. Contact: ℓιgнт#6633