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  1. 1thwonder

    VF #4 E8Q9

    Can't join any server on both my PC and Laptop.
  2. 1thwonder

    VF#4 JR9Z

    I'm also getting kicked on multiple servers. VF #4 E8Q9
  3. 1thwonder

    [DM]1thwonder - Interstellar |v4

    It's been a while since I released my v3, but I'm back with my latest/last map based on the movie Interstellar. I've tried to make a smooth track that is enjoyable for everyone, I hope I succeeded. Enjoy! ======================= Downloadlink =======================
  4. 1thwonder

    [DM]1thwonder - Maze Runner |v3

    =========================[DM]1thwonder - Maze Runner=========================I tried to create a unique experience that is enjoyable for everyone. The track is smooth and enjoyable, unlike Inception, even noobs should be able to finish it. As you can see I got inspired by the Maze Runner series, I tried to put all three parts into one map.0:40 - 2:15 : The Maze Runner (movie)2:15 - 3:45 : The Scorch Trials (movie)3:45 - 4:55 : The Death Cure (book)I added a downloadlink in the video description, so everyone can see for themselves. Enjoy!
  5. 1thwonder

    [DM]1thwonder - Inception |v2

    ========================================== 1thwonder - Inception ========================================== Here it is, my 2nd [DM] map. Also, the first 'professional' video I've made. Hope you like it. ========================================== Credits ========================================== Music intro ►Hans Zimmer - Dream is Collapsing Music main ►Hans Zimmer - Time (Instrumental Core Remix) Infernus mod ►vM1cra v5 Camouflage 3 ========================================= Record and edit by me. ========================================= Recorded and rendered in 60fps, 50mbps, 1080p. Software Adobe Premiere Po Adobe After Effects Magic Bullet Looks Ultrathing v0.28 Shaderpanel =========================================
  6. 1thwonder

    [Race]1thwonder - |Dream Journey|

    My new map,
  7. 1thwonder

    [Race]1thwonder -|Dream House|-

    My new map called "Dream House"