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  1. Edit: sorry this results was on since I installed it before your reply depending on what you said in other topics, It's fixed and everything looks great on Thanks for help
  2. tried it and rundll32.exe starts with the game and stuck it on launching (can't open it with the first time), I have to kill process of gta_sa.exe then start MTA.. rundll32.exe still on the task manager... no CPU usage for rundll32.exe note: this results is the same results when I re installed the stable version.. whatever version you will replace with your current bugged one, it will fix CPU consume bug but rundll32.exe will keep starting and you have to kill process of gta_sa.exe
  4. Hey @ccw suddenly yesterday, I got this problem too. nothing differ than what he said and I am Win 7 user too.. I re installed MTA and now rundll32.exe still appears on my task manager but not consuming, and it's not disappearing on closing game. PS: same results of installing nightly version as re installing MTA released version.. CPU usage problem disappear but still can't open MTA without killing MTA San Andreas.exe process.
  5. Hello guys, I just want to say I am OrangeDSL and I have the same problem since the latest update. 😡 and sometimes by restarting router, it's fixed then few hours and return back.. I am bored, I hate using VPN because I do many stuffs beside MTA and it annoy me.. 😢