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  1. Well somebody said BOB for Band of BRother, I thought it sounded good more like BoB though.
  2. It was already bumped when I posted in it.
  3. The whole point of the matter is even though they are creating a great mod, shouldn't they take time to make the site seem professional? I mean it looks good and all, but when you are using u and ur and typos then it might be frowned upon by some potential players.
  4. proplayr64


    Hmmm, good idea. Yet...in it lies the problem of lag, but hey if you got good connection/good ass server to host it on then I would love to see that idea in play.
  5. As I scroll through the site, I notice some spelling errors and the such. I was just wondering if the MTA team would be in need of a proofreader for their site? I mean we are a very professional mod and would want to strive for the best looking site out there, so why would we have ur replace your and the like? If you need me to help in anyway drop me a line at proplayr64@hotmail.com, or add Seeeeeether to your AIM messenger service. Goodnight and Thank-you.
  6. proplayr64

    Vice Lords

    Okay, I have gotten two topics deleted since they were in the wrong area...but I am starting up a new gang....I will list the positions in a little bit, but it will contain a lot of rp mission type stuff. If you are interested, please leave a message here!
  7. Would it be possible to do that with a helicopter? LIke one person could fly and someone else could shoot with a rifle?
  8. Or The cop could jump in the back of a truck and be driven around by another cop and exchange bullets....imagine in a jeep kind of like at the end of mgs where we would shoot at each other down the straightaway on the second island.and then we could always hold plane duels....where you guys jump ona plane and a cop jumps ona plane, and then you guys start flying away and we follow while shooting at each other from each others wings.
  9. Hey, will there be the ability to donate money to another player? That way we could pay people for missions! (NO COLOURS!)
  10. You should make team messaging then, would make mission nice and fun.
  11. Ummm so could I just layout my controller so tha when I press select it becomes passenger?
  12. proplayr64

    Rp servers

    Anyone else like this idea?
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