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  1. Hi. I'm Balrog, a programmer from the UK and the owner of WyeSoft. WyeSoft began as a software development company, but eventually became involved with running game servers and this turned into our main focus. We run multiple servers for several different games, including 3 MTA servers with lots of unique features, the most popular of which is our MTA:DayZ server . . . Videos | Screenshots 1 | Screenshots 2 Server address: Server name: GTA:SA DayZ Version [UK] | WyeSoft | Interiors | VIP Houses | Levelling/RPG System (Optional) WyeSoft se
  2. Ever since upgrading my servers to MTA 1.5, I've been getting a weird screen after shutting them down. It lists file names and what look like memory addresses, though doesn't actually say why it's doing it, and then it pauses and waits for me to press CTRL-C. This is causing problems because the servers are running in a batch loop and are set to automatically shut down regularly, so that they restart, but that obviously doesn't work when it's waiting for me to press CTRL-C after each shut down. I'm not sure if it's something to do with my linux installations or a general MTA problem, but th
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I needed. Thank you very much
  4. Hi. I'm completely useless at trigonometry and direction-related code. Could somebody please tell me the easiest way to detect if a vehicle is travelling forwards or backwards (or more towards one of those directions than the other), without the driver necessarily pressing the accelerate or reverse keys. I'm trying to stop my server's drift meter resource from awarding points when the vehicle is travelling backwards, as it's easy to glitch it and get a lot of points by rolling a car backwards, down a hill. Thanks.
  5. That's not an answer to my question at all. It's just spam. I already know how the function works. I'm asking if it's bugged or if it's been changed for 1.4. Edit: Ok, I apologise. Turns out the resource I was using was passing nil instead of -1 to the time parameter. Worked fine in 1.3 but doesn't in 1.4 so I guess I just need to replace all those nils with -1s. Thanks. Edit 2: Yeah, that fixed it. Thank you very much and sorry for being rude
  6. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a change to the API that hasn't been mirrored on the wiki, but since updating my server to 1.4, all animations triggered by setPedAnimation are looping and updating position, regardless of the settings passed to the function. I can't find any information on this anywhere, so would be grateful for any help. I already have a workaround in place, but I'd like to know if this is permanent and if I need to change something permanently.
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