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  1. Treaba sta in felul asta, voice e o resursa care trebuie sa fie instalata in serverul pe care te joci tu, mai mult ea trebuie sa fie deblocata in mtaserver.conf daca nu ai server, orice modificare faci acolo nu este luata in considerare. Tot ce poti face tu ca jucator este sa ceri proprietarului serverului pe care joci sa puna voice. Tu ca jucator nu "trebuie" sa te interesezi decat la ce poti face in joc. Succes!
  2. May this explain why after it worked ? Also how can I do it ?
  3. @Tut Hi I just rechecked and doesn't actually work when I try changing compressions type with other texture, but I have found the notworking.dff you gave me is slightly smaller than what I give you, may I know if you made any changes?
  4. Magic TXD work great, but i will give a try
  5. Ok now it work, changed the texture name to 'bikerhelmet' and work good, thank you, so all you've done was changing the compression type?
  6. hmm tested them but I cant see the texture only white.
  7. Works, also I kinda like the model you 'created' in mixing them May I know what you done? As I also have a Kevlar with the same issue. Thank you.
  8. May we see an example of how you use it?
  9. There they are: https://mega.nz/file/0w432IYT#FrZQH-H8IKsQ-Uhm2udmjZEs39n70Si91IrgTxXP-ho Those are Helmets models so I need to be able to change alpha client side when aiming sniper alse we see the models. Thank you.
  10. Do you mean? You want the model? Or an example in game? Cause the scripting part works tried w/o the replacement and worked also tried another model and worked.
  11. outputChatBox("text with color code here", player, red, green, blue, true) The true at the end enables the color codes within string. When you in trouble with a function always give a check on the wiki.
  12. Hi I have some models found online that don't change alpha when setElementAlpha(element, 0 or whatever number you want) Has anyone encountered this? if yes how can I fix this? (I have no experience in Blender nor 3DMax) Thank you for your time.
  13. Decimal is a number so all you have to do is If NewDecimal > oldDecimal then —give money elseif newDecimal < oldDecimal then —take money else — do nothing if decimal do not change end keep in mind this is very low level you will have to adjust to work with your code.
  14. Didn’t know that one existed
  15. getAccounts() will return a table with all accounts so you can loop trough and check if is in acl group using isObjectInACLGroup()
  16. I don’t see where decimals variable was set, you have what error? /debugscript 3
  17. Show the part of code where you tried As I can’t really understand your code
  18. So you want us to do that for you? Or have you tried and failed ? If so tell us where the problem is.
  19. What is the problem ?
  20. addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", resourceRoot, function() if source == ctrl[1] then -- do something elseif source == ctrl[2] then -- do something else --etc... end end, false)
  21. Try this function table.find(tabl,word) if type(tabl) ~= "table" or word == nil then return false else local ret = false for k,v in pairs(tabl) do if string.find(v, word) then return k end end end end
  22. Sfat 1. Fara RP (Is deja 30+ servere) Sfat 2. Perseverenta. Sfat 3. Fara "parteneriate" Sfat 4. Scripturile leak is ok daca vrei sa inveti din ele, nu face un server cu ele. In acest moment practic toate serverele din romania is leak. Daca ai intrebari de scripting nu ezita sa le pui aici pe sectiunea romaneasca. (Parerea mea) Ah da si uitasem, nu lasa copii sa te descurajeze.
  23. Tekken

    Lag issues

    So we can do addElementDataSubscriber addElementDataSubscriber(player, "data", player); And this will only be synced for the specific player? What will be the disadvantages ?
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