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  1. Tekken

    Press TAB to skip guiEdits

    Nope I don't, but I do have guiEditSetMasked may this have anything to do? oh, I found the problem, it's because my edits are not in a window, but in a gridlist....thst's so silly..
  2. Tekken

    Press TAB to skip guiEdits

    Hello guys! I have an login panel and I want that when I press TAB it skip's from Username edit box to Password. How can I do that? I searched on wiki but I couldn't find anything useful, do you guys know? Thank you.
  3. Tekken

    Simple Level System.

    What does that has to do with the Simple Level System ?!?!
  4. Tekken

    Simple Level System.

  5. Tekken

    Simple Level System.

    To adapt it to a DayZ gamemode it's pretty simple all you have to do is to play around this 2 events killDayZPlayer and onZombieGetsKilled. Anyway I won't do it as this is your job if you want to be a server owner. Greetings.
  6. Tekken

    Simple Level System.

    Yes you can use this with DayZ, actually you can use it with any gamemode you want. :0
  7. Tekken

    Mă invata cineva sa scriptez un server roleplay

    ...aaa, pff Incearca https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/123-tutorials/ Daca nu stii engleza deloc, OPRESTETE! Succes! PS: Nu te invata nimeni sa scriptezi un server roleplay, pentru un scripter bun poate dura cateva luni bune sa-l faca, dar sa te invete. LOL
  8. Tekken

    Release DayZ 0.7 b1 Server Files.

    Thisgm is old and outdated!
  9. Tekken

    Release DayZ 0.7 b1 Server Files.

  10. Tekken

    OwlGaming Romania

    Ca sa nu mai spun de server... Tu inveti romana cu profa de desen?
  11. Tekken

    [Zombie Sandbox RPG] Dystopia: The Incident

    WOW, ceva original. Chiar imi place idea, si chiar acum o sa intru pe server, daca ai nevoie de ajutor cu orice lasa-mi un mesaj, te ajut cu placere.
  13. bgItems[v[1]] = guiCreateStaticImage(offsetX, offsetY, width, sW, "images/scoreboard.png", false, inventar); outputChatBox(tostring(type(bgItems[v[1]]))) >userdata How it's that possible? I mean on wiki says that guiCreateStaticImage should return element is successfully false otherwise.
  14. Tekken

    Mi-a fost sters Audiul

    Cu un amarat de search pe google ti-am gasit forumul serverului Euphobia http://mta.rrs-gaming.com/, POSTEAZA ACLOLO NU AICI! M-am saturat de voi astia de pe serverele de RP care habar nu aveti ce e cu forumul ASTA.