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  1. I’m pretty sure ENB does use asi mods and those are not allowed on MTA.
  2. Da stiu, @Zorgmanmi-a dat o idee interesanta si am sa o aplic, aceasta fiind sa incerc sa dirijez jucatorii in aceste zone, ieri seara am pus la punct un sistem de ‘bosi’ zombii care sunt mult mai greu de ucis (si fara headshot) insa au un loot la fel de bun ca in airdrop sau zonele military, in plus de asta am sa adaug misiuni cat mai multe care sa se desfasore in aceste zone. Sper totusi, avand in vedere ca sv e cam gol, sa nu muncesc la toate sistemele astea degeaba. Oricum merci pentru feedback!
  3. RemoveWorldModels - will need a LOD remover also as some objects have lods that still appears.
  4. Ma gandeam sa blochez accesul la partile rosii de pe harta oricum acestea sunt zone in cre jucatori nu prea merg, desigur o sa fac un mapping dragut cu cateva parti din zonele acestea accesibile, ce parere aveti?
  5. Da, chiar mai bine Intentionez sa adaug cat de multe limbi pot, deocamdata doar Romana/Engleza/Franceza (Doar atat cunosc), insa daca exista jucatori si/sau persoane care doresec sa ma ajute cu traducerea in alte limbi ulterior desigur ca o voi face. Pentru moment prioritatea mea e: Optimizare + Sa ma asigur ca totul merge bine fara probleme/buguri enervante.
  6. Please use <> for posting lua code, also can you explain a little ?
  7. Move the event handler to getJob function
  8. Ok here is a simple example local db = dbConnect("sqlite", "database.db") --creating the connection (no need to create the 'database.db' file as the script does it for us); local allVehiclesId = 0; --This is the start ID; if db then -- make sure the db was created! dbExec(db, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vehicles` (id INT, model INT, x FLOAT, y FLOAT, z FLOAT"); else return print("error db not existing"); --if not print error end function createVehicleForPlayer(player, command, model) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player); local veh = createVehicle(model, x, y, z); if veh then
  9. Put the dbExec within the ‘db’ resource, as for the creation just do «"table insert", sorry i am on phone and I can’t script but I may send you a working exemple later when I’m home.
  10. You don’t give enough information please upload all your code so I can review properly you can send on discord
  11. Yup just tried to change names and now works.
  12. Can this be because there are spaces in the file name? I think this happens only to images with spaces within name
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