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  1. I have already done it, with server synchronization you may check the difference performance wise, see my signature, got released not so long ago.
  2. Use DxDrawImage3D You have a rot argument
  3. Fain tine-o tot asa! App ai facut si o sincronizare server side nu?
  4. Interesant, banuiesc ca nu se bazeaza pe slothbot nu?
  5. ?? What do you mean? Samp chat in mta?
  6. You trigger the event from server side to all clients with the player you change the animation and you check on each client if the player in cause is on screen and if so trigger the animation. This way all clients that are looking at the player will see the animation. There might be a better way I haven’t tested the animation functions yet.
  7. That part should take away the error will not 'fix' the code but will take away the error.
  8. Tekken


    Have you tried?
  9. I suggest you using the global variable ´localPlayer’ instead of calling getLocalPlayer() function that use less CPU. Also when you know you will use the same function in the same part of code multiple times you may want to declare a variable to save CPU
  10. Both community and github got some optimizations go ahead and check them out! Thank you to @majqq
  11. Well you check the skin it have and save it into playerAccount and when he joins you load, just a simple account system
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