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  1. Release DayZ 0.7 b1 Server Files.

    Thisgm is old and outdated!
  2. Release DayZ 0.7 b1 Server Files.

  3. OwlGaming Romania

    Ca sa nu mai spun de server... Tu inveti romana cu profa de desen?
  4. [Zombie Sandbox RPG] Dystopia: The Incident

    WOW, ceva original. Chiar imi place idea, si chiar acum o sa intru pe server, daca ai nevoie de ajutor cu orice lasa-mi un mesaj, te ajut cu placere.
  6. bgItems[v[1]] = guiCreateStaticImage(offsetX, offsetY, width, sW, "images/scoreboard.png", false, inventar); outputChatBox(tostring(type(bgItems[v[1]]))) >userdata How it's that possible? I mean on wiki says that guiCreateStaticImage should return element is successfully false otherwise.
  7. Mi-a fost sters Audiul

    Cu un amarat de search pe google ti-am gasit forumul serverului Euphobia http://mta.rrs-gaming.com/, POSTEAZA ACLOLO NU AICI! M-am saturat de voi astia de pe serverele de RP care habar nu aveti ce e cu forumul ASTA.
  8. [Help] Give Item on Spawn

    function GiveItemOnSpawn () setElementData(source, "M4A1 CCO", 1) outputChatBox("Test!", playersource, 255, 255, 255, true) end addEvent ("LEVEL1",true) addEventHandler ("LEVEL1",getRootElement(),GiveItemOnSpawn ) addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",getRootElement(), GiveItemOnSpawn)
  9. Inventory, item placing help

    Thank you very much, really in depth explanation. I understand now.
  10. Inventory, item placing help

    Thank you, exactly what I needed. I don't understand this part: (itemTable[i] == "large" and lW or sW) If you can explain it that'd be really nice.
  11. Inventory, item placing help

    Well you may laugh but I already knew that, but still I tried and I don't know what I'm doing wrong...(I did the first row but that's all ) Can you please show me an example? Here I have the 3 images you need: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q8ESMbOlqedKTW9vr2_rOMjmvOug5xii If you can make it draw 3 large items and 4 small that will be exactly what I need.
  12. Inventory, item placing help

    Ok here is a imgurl link :)
  13. Inventory, item placing help

    See it here
  14. Inventory, item placing help

    Hello guys, I want to create an inventory made out of pictures, all good and nice, but, well let's say that math wasn't my favorit class in school and I'm a little confuse in DX functions cause they require a lot of calculus that I don't know, my question is how can I make a inventory like this (see the picture below) ? A - Large items. B - Small items. What I want to know is how to make the pictures place like in the image? Thank you!