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  1. Delete the for loop I think you have an outdated version. This part of the code: for _,v in ipairs(playerDataTable) do if (type(getElementData(player, v[1])) ~= type(v[2])) then removeBackpack(player); removeWeaponBack(player); removeWeaponBack2(player); removeWeaponReplace(player); spawnDayZPlayer(player); outputChatBox(getPlayerName(player).."'s account is buggy and has been reset.", getRootElement(), 25, 255, 25); end end Also just to ensure that everything is right delete internal.db
  2. My gamemode was released as OPEN SOURCE after Lawliet released the "official" DayZ Gamemode as OPEN FnCKING SOURCE (that means anyone can download edit and release they'r own sh!t that's based on the original code as long as they don't claim OWNERSHIP of the cod, thing that I have not done, so my repository was totally clean and I have had all the rights to release it as is), even more when they have put up the "official" team I signed up to be a part of the team but at the time Lawliet thinked I was not good enough so I just waited to see what they release, I did not licked at all so I told myself seeing that DayZ is now Open Source I may release my own version seeing that a lot of people wanted an pur version of the gamemode, si I just released https://github.com/mihayy5/mtadayz07 but man I was wrong. I may release an other version since I no longer have access to the GitHub version (fool me I was thinking it will be safe on GitHub...). Greetings.
  3. Thank you for tacking down my repository, I never claimed that I am the OWNER or the CREATOR of the gamemode. For those who want it still I will upload it elsewhere when I will have enough time.
  4. Asta nu o sa faca decat o verificare a porturilor, caută mai bine pe google cum se deschid porturile, porturile le iei din consola cu comanda openports
  5. Credeam ca Show ti-a dat deja resursele. 😇
  6. acl.xml fisierul asta e gol, in mod normal nu trebuie sa fie
  7. Well, the title says it all. Thank you!
  8. Nice try! April fools!
  9. Hi, is there a way of lowering the noise of vehicles w/h changeing the sound of the vehicle? Thank you.
  10. Try this one You only have to change xpNeed in server.lua and client.lua (IT MUST HAVE THE SAME VALUE) Greetings!
  11. De ce sa intri pe serverul nostru? Resurse originale! Timp scurt download sub 200 MB! Loot imbunatatit! FARA STAFF! 100% romanesc % 100% tradus! Peste 55 de vehicule imprastiate pe harta! Sistem de nivele infinite! arme, bani, costum zombie/clown/criminal plus multe altele GPS/Map bine implementat! Fara VIPuri OP! Pana la 24 arme de foc disponibile! Vesnicul radar la Area 51!(Adaptat la DayZ si tradus) Sistem de echipe cu permisiuni 100% functional! Foarte putine spre deloc buguri! Ce poti face pe server? Click dreapta pe 'Radio Device' sau 'GPS' pentu a seta un canal. Puteti avea conversatii private daca detineti un Radio Device canal 99999 de origine Va veti putea vedea pe harta cu playeri care nu sunt in echipa voastra daca detineti un GPS folosind o frecventa/un canal privat. '/unbug' te-ai blocat? Foloseste-l! Te replaseaza fara a pierde itemele Nu merge in combat 'F1' pentru magazin. Bani se obtin facand misiuni, omorand player/zombii sau donand 'F2' pentru panoul echipei! 'O' pentru inventarul cu iteme speciale. Iconita rosie pe mapa reprezinta magazinul de iteme! Punctul galben impreuna cu ? de pe mapa formeaza un sistem bine implementat de misiuni. 'F7' panoul de craft! Urmeaza sa fie actualizat! 'L' pentu a te strecura printre zombii. ...si nu numai! Toate cele de mai sus le puteti vedea in imagini aici! Facebook Fiti pe faza!
  12. Nope I don't, but I do have guiEditSetMasked may this have anything to do? oh, I found the problem, it's because my edits are not in a window, but in a gridlist....thst's so silly..