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  1. [Zombie Sandbox RPG] Dystopia: The Incident

    WOW, ceva original. Chiar imi place idea, si chiar acum o sa intru pe server, daca ai nevoie de ajutor cu orice lasa-mi un mesaj, te ajut cu placere.
  3. bgItems[v[1]] = guiCreateStaticImage(offsetX, offsetY, width, sW, "images/scoreboard.png", false, inventar); outputChatBox(tostring(type(bgItems[v[1]]))) >userdata How it's that possible? I mean on wiki says that guiCreateStaticImage should return element is successfully false otherwise.
  4. Mi-a fost sters Audiul

    Cu un amarat de search pe google ti-am gasit forumul serverului Euphobia http://mta.rrs-gaming.com/, POSTEAZA ACLOLO NU AICI! M-am saturat de voi astia de pe serverele de RP care habar nu aveti ce e cu forumul ASTA.
  5. [Help] Give Item on Spawn

    function GiveItemOnSpawn () setElementData(source, "M4A1 CCO", 1) outputChatBox("Test!", playersource, 255, 255, 255, true) end addEvent ("LEVEL1",true) addEventHandler ("LEVEL1",getRootElement(),GiveItemOnSpawn ) addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",getRootElement(), GiveItemOnSpawn)
  6. Inventory, item placing help

    Thank you very much, really in depth explanation. I understand now.
  7. Inventory, item placing help

    Thank you, exactly what I needed. I don't understand this part: (itemTable[i] == "large" and lW or sW) If you can explain it that'd be really nice.
  8. Inventory, item placing help

    Well you may laugh but I already knew that, but still I tried and I don't know what I'm doing wrong...(I did the first row but that's all ) Can you please show me an example? Here I have the 3 images you need: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q8ESMbOlqedKTW9vr2_rOMjmvOug5xii If you can make it draw 3 large items and 4 small that will be exactly what I need.
  9. Inventory, item placing help

    Ok here is a imgurl link :)
  10. Inventory, item placing help

    See it here
  11. Inventory, item placing help

    Hello guys, I want to create an inventory made out of pictures, all good and nice, but, well let's say that math wasn't my favorit class in school and I'm a little confuse in DX functions cause they require a lot of calculus that I don't know, my question is how can I make a inventory like this (see the picture below) ? A - Large items. B - Small items. What I want to know is how to make the pictures place like in the image? Thank you!
  12. compare car colors

    Oh yes I didn't thought of that. >_<
  13. [Help]Mta Dayz seat

    function onPlayerEnterDayzVehicle(veh,seat) local col = getElementData(veh,"parent") local id = getElementModel(veh) local tires,engine = getVehicleAddonInfos (id) setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) setElementData(veh,"maxfuel",getVehicleMaxFuel(col)) setElementData(veh,"needtires",tires) setElementData(veh,"needengines",engine) if ((getElementData(col,"Tire_inVehicle") or 0) < tonumber(tires)) then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) return end if ((getElementData(col,"Engine_inVehicle") or 0) < tonumber(engine)) then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) return end if (getElementData(col,"fuel") or 0) <= 1 then if not getElementModel(veh) == 509 then triggerClientEvent (source, "displayClientInfo", source,"Vehicle","No tank left in this vehicle!",22,255,0) setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) return end end setVehicleEngineState ( veh, true ) if seat == 0 then bindKey(source,"k","down",setEngineStateByPlayer) outputChatBox("Press 'K' to turn the engine on/off!",source) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), onPlayerEnterDayzVehicle ) function onPlayerExitDayzVehicle(veh,seat) if seat == 0 then setVehicleEngineState ( veh, false ) unbindKey(source,"k","down",setEngineStateByPlayer) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleExit", getRootElement(), onPlayerExitDayzVehicle ) try this
  14. compare car colors

    You can only check for red cause if one of the 3 is different the color will be different. if r ~= r2 then --not the same collor end No need to check all 3 of 'em.