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  1. (21:45:40) (@Thar|semi-busy) stop spamming the board, plz (21:45:42) (slin7afk) yes i will stop spamming forumn
  2. already 4 ppl with small dick (haha)
  3. np: metallica - 08 - the call of ktulu (08:55)
  4. VCSC is extraordinary superbly blatantly wicked
  5. everyone who votes for stunt master has a small dick *muuhahah*
  6. well i'd like to refer to gufag.. i think there are plenty of stunts with kinda "unknown" locations and I think Thargore tried to show all landing sequences but in actual fact it sometimes gets boring and if the intention of the editor was to make the movie "faster" it is a good tool to show just the nice flying scenes after each other.
  7. naah kinda shitty with all those mods. i like Thargores vid mucho more :I
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