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  1. A walk around would be pretty cool, PM me a link. I've always been a caprice man (For any generation) so im definitely interested
  2. When you get the chance, get a vid of those suckers running. Otherwise, cool story. I have grown to like the sound, but realized after some comparisons that it was pretty distorted. Update Speaking of 396 however. I tried a little harder on the sound in this update. Some minor tweaks to the drive train simulation, with more realistic numbers. Along with a less annoying interface, just for you. The demo vehicle featured: 1970 Chevelle SS 396 (Sabre) 3 Speed Manual with 3.31 Rear end. Trans ratios: Reverse 2.07:1 First 2.48:1 Second 1.48:1 Third 1.00:1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/s5s9ao13cqbuq5u/Demo2.zip Use all resources for best experience
  3. Temperatures make a difference on which gear is selected and what condition the motor is in. Gear slippage occurs when the gears condition is very low (Because of high temperatures and engine speed on shift). Its really to simulate wear and tear on a parts of the motor and transmission. You wont see any of this (or any other features currently under the hood) as nobody will use it. I tried to make it as real as i possibly could (College was a journey of Automotive and Math classes) All of which i loved. I tried to apply all of it in this as best as i could. I also wanted it to be used by others, so i left all features any player would generally care about (and put the rest behind the scenes). I'm not some 12 year old, with no experience in design. I've written software since i've been in highschool, and i've been out of college for quite some time. Many would expect a new user for MTA forums to put "New user" quality resources. Theres a lot more than what you see here. Im sure you have heard a Nascar stock car, the sound coming from the tail pipe is well.. What tail pipe? Apparently you just looked for a link, downloaded the resource, and checked the meta file. Theres a list of devices required for recording visual And audio. If you dont have any of them, you can only record audio and record video separate. (Why they can't do both, beats me. But if you can find one that can do what the recorders ive found so far cant, im all ears) I'm not against your criticism, i'm just not use to hearing about it for a while. (I'm usually writing my own projects for myself). Yours is as natural as anyone elses, i'm not offended. I just need to get over it. I really am happy you actually tested it though, it seems everyone just looked at it said "cool" and left.
  4. How is it well made, if its closed source? You never even tested the automatic, Which will require analog gas/braking for best experience. You only tested the manual which was the smallest part of this project. If you just use a keyboard or something other than analog controls for such, you will only full throttle the drive train and you'll only use one mode. (Just like you would in any automatic vehicle). It will sound terrible, because the semi has barely any room to play with engine speed wise, and full throttling it will make it run through each gear in a quick and ugly manner. Your use does show that all core mechanics work. Anything that doesn't, isn't expected to (Or isn't listed.......) Sound was my favorite, but not the major point here. I sadly wont be touching it for a while. Simple fix Lol cant imagine how it starts, considering its not a listed test vehicle in the demo.. Just the replacement i left for past test purposes. I've left only 30% of the features to be seen by testers. (Because i don't have a gauge face resource, none of it can be seen) The resource also simulates heat spread and intensity between engine coolant, transmission fluid, and the supercharger/turbocharger boost is also available but not used. It's fully done, but because you cant see its measurement on a meter, you assume its terrible and crudely implemented. There are several variables involving how much fuel is consumed at a certain point in time. None of which are main point right now. Simulated clutching will never be added. I'm just outputting 5% of the debug from the drive train simulator for what will be on a gauge face resource. Since there is no meter for it right now, its going there. Do tell, i have none of the needed recording devices. Which hold me to recording audio and video separate, and no one likes that. Unless you have a better solution. It seems as if there was just one real Con. Ill run with that Thanks for your test, first actual input i've gotten this week
  5. To be honest, i just picked a host and tossed it there. I had no idea the bandwidth was terrible. Update: New Link for better download convenience.
  6. I hate it when people bump, because i know its because nobody probably knows the answer to this, so ill try and be a little more clear Is there a procedure to get a vehicles wheel size, and if so is the size in GTA units? (Meters i believe)
  7. What is a good estimate on tire sizes on in game vehicles?
  8. Is that a reference to my work? Absolutely, yours was truely the best one around when i was looking for them. Would of been so much better if i could make a video of mine to display its features, but my sound card doesnt support what-you-hear recording. Sound was the best part in my opinion.
  9. Months ago i had seen numerous attempts at Manual and Automatic transmissions on MTA. Seeing that it was possible, i decided to throw something of my own together. Today im going to release a demo of it, something i spent a couple days on. (Way too busy to have it done sooner). GTA Drivetrain Simulator (Engine and Automatic/Manual Transmission Simulator) Demo Features: Automatic Transmission The automatic transmission is equipped with a version of my own gear management, using numerous sensors of the vehicle that MTA allows, and three modes of forward navigation. -Light driving. Light driving mode is a gear management mode that uses the most economic gear while driving. Low throttle position, vehicle speed, and engine speed encourages this. The transmission will look for a gear within the engines economic/low portion of its power band and find a gear that matches the scenarios presented and engine speed. -Moderate driving. Moderate driving mode, is a mode used for that extra power when passing a vehicle. In most vehicles, pressing the gas pedal down a little more to pass a vehicle, causes the computer to find a gear with the most of power and economy in mind. The computer searches for a gear within the economic but most powerful portion of the engine's powerband, and shifts to it, unless near the revlimiter or abnormally high engine speed marker. -Max Power driving This driving mode is used when full throttle is specified, or when the throttle is pressed passed the moderate driving mode throttle max position (and a couple other variables at the time). The computer finds the lowest gear below redline, and shifts to it. This uses all of the available engine power for the time the scenario calls for it. -Vehicle Slowdown anti trans jerking When slowing down, (The brake is pressed) the transmission will stay in gear, until the brake is depressed, or abnormally low engine rpm is detected. After being pressed, the engine will shift. This is so while slowing down, the transmission doesn't constantly shift between gears for the current speed (In case you are driving an 18 speed in game). If you slow down, without pressing the brake, the engine will cycle through all appropriate gears however. Manual Transmission In other mods, shifting into reverse is somewhat achieved but due to MTA limitations, allow for other problems. (Driving in neutral for example..) So reverse is just going in reverse on the controller, afterwards the vehicle is automatically put in first. There is no clutch, small things like that make a game a pain in the ass to play. Theres realistic, and theres too realistic. If i have to do too much, i don't want to play it. All forward gears are just a simple click to shift. There is no neutral, as its not needed. Controls l "L" will push start vehicle. Hold it down, to start it. Press again while running to turn off the engine. Joy8 or "." will upshift, Joy7 or "," will downshift. The simulator also features many other things that aren't necessary to the fast paced players eyes (as some don't care for it). Engine and Transmission Odometers (For servers that use milage warranty for engine or trans parts) temperatures, induced air boost meters, Fuel (Is seen) and active fuel consumption realistically calculated and many others that aren't the big topic (but are necessary to computer decisions). Transmissions also feature real gear ratios and unlimited gears. The Semi (Linerunner) uses a tremec 6 speed, with a certain model i have picked gear ratios. The hotring racer uses a Borg Warner T10 set of ratios. This Demo only works on the LineRunner (Since its automatic, Analog stick gas pedal recommended to use modes. Button pressed gas pedal will only show up as full throttle.) and the hotring racer uses the manual. The zip also features a tachometer and vehicle replacement scripts for realism and test purposes. Both open source, so take whatever, its simple stuff. Run all three resources for best experience The DTS (Drive train simulator) source is closed. (Source will be released to project managers and server owners that can make this project better). I may not have much time to work on this (Business/MMOs/Hobbys etc) so if you have a big interest in making this a better project or would like to collaborate with me on a project, let me know with proof of past project completions so i know you arent some kid who found out about MTA 45 minutes ago. When i make this open to server owners, the main script will be closed, but the vehiclelist will allow owners to place vehicle performance information for each vehicle. (There are a lot of parameters..) Currently that is closed too. Enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/download/scul2sn805iye7w/Demo.zip. -Novadex/GhostXoP Team Mgr.
  10. Is there a way i can get the grade a vehicle is driving on?
  11. Is there a way i can over write analog information before it reaches the game? When a controller sends 90% in Y+ axis to the game, i can intercept it, and change it to 40%. So that the game thinks the user only put the analog stick 40% in the Y+ axis. Etc. Is this possible?
  12. How does one add his/her own game key command listing?
  13. Does anyone know where i can find an engine starter sound. Just a repeating starter sound. No transition into an engine idling, but just the starter sound.
  14. Does anyone know where i could find automobile gauges and needles i can use for my game mode? I have had no luck finding a compilation of these anywhere.
  15. I had no idea you could do that, thanks you flaming homosexual
  16. Is there a way to tell if the vehicle is braking or reversing, but not both?
  17. Why would they give me credit for using it?.. Thanks though.
  18. I used an alternate set of procedures for a more realistic approach, made this a lot easier than i thought. Changing handling would be an amateur way of doing this, forcing a lot of communication between the server and the client for what im wanting (and have finished) completing.
  19. Where could i find a good Tachometer disk that i could freely copy and give credit to?
  20. hoping there will eventually be a giant table for this stuff... this will just have to do for now. Thank you
  21. setWorldSoundEnabled talks about groups and sounds within these groups, where would i find a list of world groups and their sounds to disable?
  22. Hi, how do i disable a vehicles engine sound? how do i manipulate a vehicle sound to sound as if its increasing in RPM? how do i load and play a sound? Thank you for your time
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