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  1. Animation system

    Custom animations are in progress! https://github.com/saml1er/mtasa-blue/tree/custom_ifp_animations Thanks Saml1er
  2. something to protect my resources for sale

    i mean protect my resources after sold in order to someone don't give that resource anyone else until meta.xml isn't compiled, i can crack EVERY resource on the internet i can modify meta.xml and add script which overwrite all security functions function addDebugHook()end function fetchRemote() return true end function checkResourceLicense() return true end
  3. i'm writing because in mta there is impossible to make safe shop with resources, to improve this, mta team should implements one of my example solution or come up with your own, better ones. Resource as `executable file` - lua.mtasa.com should allow to pack every script with meta into 1 file `myResource.mtaexe` which is recognize as normal resource but you cant add your own code before/after resource start. You can't overwrite my functions, you can't change meta.xml. If you want to use files. Also tag <file> should receive attribute `checksum` to verify external files. This executable file could be simple obfuscated .zip file. function `restoreOriginalFunction( functionName )` - this function resource original function, but if you have N lua script, then for each script this function will be overwritten, currently example function `outputChatBox` is registered once per resource and other script can overwrite them in other file. This function allow to protect other functions before overwriting For both should be added function to disable addDebugHook for this resource.
  4. Custom object id

  5. https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/blob/b2227c359092ce530cdf9727466b88bec8282cd0/Server/mods/deathmatch/logic/CColPolygon.cpp#L25 this should be as standalone function, isPointInPolygon(x,y,x1,y1,x2,y2,x3,y3,...) -- return true or false
  6. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    in mtaserver.conf or in meta.xml i doesn't metter,
  7. Update Lua to 5.3.4

    server can have optional config like <lua_version>5.1</lua_version> by default 5.1 Back compatibility confirmed
  8. replace object by .obj and .mtl files

  9. replace object by .obj and .mtl files

    why .obj and .mtl? becose it are text files. i can do function which move selected vertex to other position 348957349857398573x easier than dff & col function like convertOBJtoCOL(input,output) and convertOBJtoDFF(input,output) and convertMTLtoTXD(input,output) allow to make blender/3ds max/z moddeler in mta <3
  10. question

    How can i make somethink like this? function add(c,d) c=c+d end a=5 add(a,5) print(a) -- print 10
  11. [Scripting] Changing the programming language.

    Nice! But this could be optional example: <script src="main.hv" type="client" language="Hexe" />
  12. [Scripting] Changing the programming language.

    i said " destroy own server" not "hack client/players" like web browser, server can ask player "do you agree to load XYZ website".
  13. [Scripting] Changing the programming language.

    Some advanced functions and addons could be optional, easy to block by hosting. If someone like to destroy own server - no problem. I said that milion times.
  14. Hi. How can i protect my script ageinst thieves? compliling script are good but is any better solution? What can i do if someone hack my server, got admin, destroy all etc.? I heard that hacker can got global ban. How can i prove and report this people?
  15. Compiled server on windows dont working

    Ważność Kod Opis Projekt Plik Wiersz Stan pominięcia Błąd RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Client Launcher D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Client\launch\GDFImp.rc 17 Błąd RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Client Core D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Client\core\core.rc 11 Błąd RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Loader D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Client\loader\loader.rc 10 but server working ^,^, how fix this libs? i try install but still not working ;/