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  1. i compile successfull, when i run mta-server64 and got this error
  2. When i try compile server on ubuntu 64bit, when i try start it using ./mta-server64 i got this error enable multithreading to use std::thread: what should i do?
  3. If someone make public gamemod that owners of server need to download, update resource etc. My idea is to make automated download resources from gamemode, when author of gamemod update this, and owner of server restart script then resource automatic update. example meta could look like this: <meta url="https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-resources/tree/master/%5Bgameplay%5D/fastrope"> </meta>
  4. I dont understand ( im from poland ) In config should be option to unlock package io and os lib ( hosting could block some of this )
  5. Yes, i know that i can install module for server, but its problematic and not all script need new functions. Cool idea would be option to make simple c++ file, compile to .so or .dll and load to only 1 script.Somethink like: <script src="script.so"/> script.so have few function like int test(int i){ return i++; } bool test_two(){ return false } script=loadLib("script.so") script:call("functionname",arguments) script:functions() -- return all functions script.meta -- return table of information about file and i can call script:call("test",1) and return 2
  6. is possible to get all methods and variables from element? somethink like: vehicle:getMethods() print this page https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Vehicle_class and other (define by user methods)
  7. On every server function to save vehicles, players etc take a lot of code, you must loop all datas, position, handling etc. good idea is to make function like dump(element) which return all element possible thinks as string, and second function element=loadFromDump(string) which load element from this string this could be use for vehicle and players.
  8. function split should have parametr like "tryFormat" example result=split("mystring,123,mystring",",",true) -- true is "try format" result is table {"mystring",123,"mystring"} insted {"mystring","123","mystring"}
  9. is possible to select from mysql using 1 select which output like this in { ["name"]="mynickanem", ["other_column"]="kldsjskldjf", ["licenses"]={ { ["name"]="driver", ["ban"]=0, } { ["name"]="gun", ["ban"]=0, } } } from 2 tables "accounts" and "licenses"
  10. Can anyone help me?
  11. Hello, i have this code: local env = {outputChatBox=outputChatBox} function run(untrusted_code) if untrusted_code:byte(1) == 27 then return nil, "binary bytecode prohibited" end local untrusted_function, message = loadstring(untrusted_code) if not untrusted_function then return nil, message end setfenv(untrusted_function, env) return pcall(untrusted_function) end and i want to stop execution like stopResource i want too limit execution function to example 10 per second, how can i do this?
  12. adding the possibility of setting physical elements that would be great i can use this example for: on vehicle hit fence, fence set phisic=true for 2 second and fly 20 meters forward.
  13. Add colors into server console, black and white is ugly.
  14. add option to make text like Bold Italic Underline Strikethrough and combo like something something2 something3 in gui text,gridlist, dxdraw, chatbox etc example outputChatBox("[b]bold[/b][i]italic[/i]")
  15. Cool will be when in mta i can load and cell .dll or .so file, for example: i have file .dll, in my file is function "helloworld" and i can make code example: lib=loadLibrary("mylib.so") -- 'so' on linux, 'dll' on windows libraryCell(lib,"helloworld") and function libraryCell return string "hello world" in my opinion this is easier to implement than modules only server-side