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  1. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hello, i have this code: local env = {outputChatBox=outputChatBox} function run(untrusted_code) if untrusted_code:byte(1) == 27 then return nil, "binary bytecode prohibited" end local untrusted_function, message = loadstring(untrusted_code) if not untrusted_function then return nil, message end setfenv(untrusted_function, env) return pcall(untrusted_function) end and i want to stop execution like stopResource i want too limit execution function to example 10 per second, how can i do this?
  3. adding the possibility of setting physical elements that would be great i can use this example for: on vehicle hit fence, fence set phisic=true for 2 second and fly 20 meters forward.
  4. Add colors into server console, black and white is ugly.
  5. add option to make text like Bold Italic Underline Strikethrough and combo like something something2 something3 in gui text,gridlist, dxdraw, chatbox etc example outputChatBox("[b]bold[/b][i]italic[/i]")
  6. Cool will be when in mta i can load and cell .dll or .so file, for example: i have file .dll, in my file is function "helloworld" and i can make code example: lib=loadLibrary("mylib.so") -- 'so' on linux, 'dll' on windows libraryCell(lib,"helloworld") and function libraryCell return string "hello world" in my opinion this is easier to implement than modules only server-side
  7. how detect who make this, on my server play around 150 players [2016-11-19 22:36:30] [Network] OutCommandQueue > 400000 msgs. This is due to server overload or script freeze and error mta-server[12061]: segfault at a ip 00000000f6a037d5 sp 00000000f51fba40 error 4 in deathmatch.so[f63c5000+937000]
  8. please update lua 5.1 to 5.4, lua and add serverside option to enable package, io and os library ( i know that require can download virus ) and add to config option <loadstring_client>enable||disable</loadstring_client> && <loadstring_server>enable||disable</loadstring_server> ( when loadstring is used on client, player is kicked by anti cheat and loadstring not running, when used on server, only block, both should output information to log (ip,code,file,line))
  9. example button=guiCreateButton(...) button:on("click",function() outputChatBox("lel") end) button=guiCreateButton(...) button:on("change",function() outputChatBox("lel") end)
  10. for example <filefolder src="folder/blips/.*" /> -- select folder and include all files using regex .* and can be attribute subfolders="true" then include all folder like script/folder/blips/subfolder it will be awasome, now i must look that http://screenshot.sh/oB6bqJi4YdTba yes, i can create php script, module, use bash etc to get all files in folder
  11. It's possible to add new operators like ! ? @ $ & | ` which can be edited by setmetatable?
  12. enable option to popup notification like this http://jsfiddle.net/SiamKreative/8W8XK/
  13. cofnąć się w czasie
  14. example: returnFromLoadString,Something=loadstring("a=1;b=2;c=function()end")() iprint(a,b,c) -- print: 1,2,functionHandler unloadstring(Something) iprint(a,b,c) -- print: nil,nil,nil Or add client-side startResource && stopResource ( example for disable admin feature for the selected player ) and event serverSide event like "onClientStopResource" & "onClientStartResource"
  15. give me example code, use only 1 object