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  1. Thank you, that fixed it however if there's 2 players and both have chosen 2 different maps I want the nominations to be those 2 maps, how can i do that?
  2. I edited the values normally, First I had the votemanager extracted as a folder. then I edited as a zip. Even in the settings of admin panel when I click, I find it 5 seconds only but still showing 15 seconds, I even restarted race...
  3. Alright thank you, but in the vote manager settings it's showing 5 seconds and when the map is ending, it's still showing 15. I even refreshed and restarted the vote manager, Do I have to restart the server?
  4. I would like to know how to change the map vote time, It's normally 15 seconds and I tried to change it from the vote manager but it only changes /votemap and not the normal map voting.
  5. I want to remove this world object, there was a building there and at night time these lights show up. I found a way to remove it but I can't find the ID of these lights, Does anyone know what is the ID of these lights?