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  1. Well i found i can convert Akina file lol i tryed a different one and it works ! but there an error in it when i go to were it is i time out -.- can u tell me how i would fix this
  2. i used the mta DM method with trying to make it a map file
  3. ok in trying that out it only gives me this from the ipl shouldent there be much more deLUX GTA Map Converter would be the ipl in a map format :\
  4. ok im wondering if i download a map like the akina drift map from gta inside how would i convert it to a .map file for my server if its possiable ?
  5. Well Its Erm On My Server havent really tryed ne others im the only 1 who gits this error though and ive rebooted my pc 2 times so it couldent be needing to be rebooted but i was just playin and it gives me a protocol error was very gay
  6. hmm i keep gitin a protocol error >.> how do i fix
  7. Pole

    Admins HELP

    heh dunno if yove fixed ur problem yet but wat i had to do was log into my Dsl modem and enable bridged connections ^^ then boom works fine now Drift Or Die Rocks Now ^^
  8. Pole

    Have a ?

    Ne Ways Have 2 More Questions... 1.Ne Way to make buildings enterable ? 2.useing off edit is there ne way to open multipul maps at once ?.
  9. Pole

    Have a ?

    Well in makeing my server to race i wanna turn off water is there ne way possiable to do this ?
  10. Sry For The Quad Post's...And I Figured it Out My Friend Helped My Out From WCFR
  11. Well i Forwarded Ports 22005 22004 22127 ans still dont c it in list
  12. And should i put something else here 1 ??
  13. ok when i update my router in PF config it says i have to pay ?!?
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