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  1. The gang was set up anticipating a "gang related structure" for MTA 0.2. we didnt get that. we will have to wait for the add ons or the new version. as of now we are still just playing for fun. if you want you can add me to msn and i will let u know when some of us are in a server. rfinch99@hotmail.com The Don
  2. I cant get that speedometer to work, cos i only have VC version 1.0....i cant update my VC cos its a copied version. anyway i can get it 2 work?
  3. To answer about the server, i can set up a private server no problem, just make it password protected for Diabo Revolution members. To answer meeva. yes u are meeva. The gang is going somewhere. The still is a few problems with the website, we just cant find the time to create it at the moment, its moving slower than expected. Although i have to say, I dont see how gangs are going to run on MTA 2. There doesnt seem to be any specific way until add-ons are made. We'll keep you posted.
  4. when you mean a server, do you mean a permanent server, one thats constantly online? cos' we could just use the server that comes with MTA.
  5. Whats the latest we can register our gang, if there is a latest date that is? Do you need to know before a certain date, so that you can create tournament, gang list, ladder, etc?
  6. My Gang, has Members in England, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweeden & Scotland. the further the way you are, the higher the ping.
  7. YOUR REQUEST HAS BEEN AKNOWLEDGED ------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your request Meeva, and I am sure my choice to accept you in Diablo Revolution will not dissapoint me, I have monitored your usage of the MTA Forums, and i have am quite impressed about all the stunt videos you have been creating and made available for download. Its encouraging to see, especially as your most probable primary rank will be "driver", Although one thing i question, i noticed that you were thinking of either joining a "Stunt Gang" or Creating your own gang consisting mainly of Swedi
  8. Hmmm ......the gang members dont seem to be very friendly over at gtaforums.com when it comes to MTA gangs, i think they feel threatened that their "forum" gangs may b over run or summit, i duno.
  9. I have formed gang called "Diablo Revolution" For at least a week anyway (until the official website is up and running) go here to find out more. http://groups.msn.com/DiabloRevolutionMTA There is a possiblity of 20 openings.......still a few going. Once the Member List hits 20, More Openings will be created. Ill keep who ever is interested posted. If u are PM me.
  10. This is a new gang on the scene, still fairly new. Many positions are open. Its called "Diablo Revolution". Me and The Co-Manager will promote on accumlative body counts. In other words the more people you kill, the higher in the Revolution ladder you will become. We are currently setting up a website and are temp. using an msn community. Website should b completed within a week. We are very optimistic and hope to achieve great things in mta. we are a family trusting only in one another. we fear no one and live only for the revolution. We claim The North Part of Prawn Island as our own ter
  11. The idea of gangs in mta is a great one, and ive already got started on gathering one 2getha. although, is there any possible way or maybe you already have it in the new mta, that the new mta can accumulate how many kills, points, etc, each person/gang member gets. This could help gang leaders promote and demote gang members. Its a good way of keeping track on how well your members are doing. keep up the good work, cant wait for the new mta. Its Revolution Time
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