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  1. Hhaha, i remember when mta didnt have any walk animations and you couldnt really do anything but it didnt suck, gtat is doing amazing work with just a couple of people give them a break. Anyway, im hoping for the best and Im sure mta or gtat will grow into some great mods, all we have to do is wait. ... ... .... ... the only problem is that i was waiting for gta vc mta for so long that i finally switched to gta:sa... so its like im waiting all over again... bah time to install gta vc again.
  2. Im in also, you need a website or something like that ya can email me at LoseraNm@hotmail.com
  3. Well I dont know if Im in your gang but what he means is, a gang server like just for DR members. How would you all train in public servers anyway, wouldnt you all want some privacy?
  4. Havent you all ever played Diablo 2, you can type and messeges and it appears over your head so no one except the people that are around you can read it. It is just a little fancier than team chat.
  5. Well I like them, I dont think i have really ever played a online game where there werent clans. Gangs/Clans have been around for a LOOOONG time so im pretty sure everyone likes them, you must have been on vacations.
  6. The website is up. http://www.SinGang.cjb.net/ seems that SinClan was taken =\ boo! I just noticed that the .: <<< that little thing is very catchy, stole it from this site but looks like I will change it soon.
  7. The story about SiN is that it used to be a very old Rainbow Six Eagle Watch clan that I would like to bring to Vice city. Here is some FAQ you might want to know about this clan (yes I know that you all call it gangs but I call a group of people a clan). How many members are in your clan? As of now no one but thats the whole point of recruiting How do I join? I would like to recruit ONLY people with talent. If you are interested in joining please send me an E-Mail telling your Does your clan EVEN have a webpage? As of right now no (ha) but I cant start making one unless I know I can
  8. So you are invisible to other players? How many servers have you tried to connect to and you got into and played? You could try going to your vice city dir and left clicking on it go to properties then go to compatibility then check the box that says run this program in compatibility mode then select WINDOWS 98 then hit ok/apply. Do you see yourself in the game now?
  9. Well have you tried to reinstall Vice city? Have you tried rolling back your drivers? What have you done to try to fix this problem?
  10. Find out what Direct X you have installed. I doubt that you have but have you ever tweaked your video card before? And before you start blaming people make sure it wasnt just your own stupidity. I honestly dont see how drivers could mess up your computer when they are supposed to do the exact opposite.
  11. I was just wondering because Im starting to wonder if in game can you all see other people walk normally or do they just slide along the ground? I want to know because I dont know if its my video card or they havent coded in the animation yet (im not really sure how the whole thing is brought together but I think you understand my point). Thanks for helping me.
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