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  1. Its possible via JetPack-Hack... Greetz
  2. That appears too if the player who´s beeing attacked in Game-Menue...
  3. There dont comes a message, the programm easyly wont show up man! I think we can close this topic, i think the most in this forum are cheaters, bbecause they wont have this proof in for the client.
  4. Do u meant that its easy to hack the client if u used the proggy up here with it, right? Then i want to see that its so easy!
  5. show me that u can hack this proof before u say shit like before!
  6. LoL, 1. This isnt my Proggy 2. if u use the proggy on a exe then will it check itself on start, its not very easy to get rid of that protection!
  7. sure but if change anything if the file is protected with the tool up here than it will not show up!
  8. Lol, thats not right, the proggy should only be used for the client not for the gta-vc.exe! That will ONLY prevent editing the mta.exe!
  9. If u use the proggy i told from on the client and hack it via hexeditor the client wouldnt show up. So Cheating is impossible!
  10. I found a Tool on the web that have much security proofs like crc-checking for a exe. If somebody uses this tool on a exe and change a byte in this exe the programm will not start. The MTA-Team schould use this tool on their Client before releasing to decrease the cheaters. U can get the tool here: http://www.webtoolmaster.com/exes_e.htm PS: Sorry for my bad English ^^' Im from Germany so its not easy to translate if you are sleepy Greets, Zerxes
  11. You can find them with ASE and a custom Filter u can find here in Forum (forgot link), but ive looked much for them, but it seems that there is only one Server with nobody on it. But when the new Version of GTA3MP is out, then there will be much more Servers
  12. Had same problem, thx for the tip to fix it
  13. Hm im using the custom Filter i got here in the Forum, with this filter i can find 0.3 Server.
  14. Can we get one or two Screenshots of MTA:GTA3 to see the progress ingame?
  15. Schau auf Megagames! Hier darf man nicht nach Cracks fragen.
  16. 1. Change you Game-Langeuage to English. 2. Copy all Files in Text-Directoy (located in your VC-Dir.) instead of american to your MTA-Folder.
  17. GZip is for file-compression, what MTA need is a string-compression to decrease the bandwith, but its the Programmers Choice if the build it in.
  18. Hm, he posted in English too, but im german and i helped much MTA-Noobs to play it. ^^
  19. Hi dani, hast du überhaupt schon die Sprache im Spiel auf Englisch gestellt? Und welche Version des Spiels benutzt du, benutzt du einen Crack? Wenn ja welche Version hat der crack. Wenn du mir die Fragen beantwortest kann ich dir helfen, bin schon seit dem allerersten GTA3 Multiplayer-Mod dabei. Grüße, Zerxes
  20. Sorry, but i meant that the Anti-Cheat-Protection should be get better than now. Because of the lot cheaters.
  21. With a Hex-Editor it is very easy to trick the Protection, then you can use a manipulated scm-file, a own handle.cfg and least but not last every Trainer.
  22. I´m waiting for it. People do Screenshots of MTA:GTA3 and release them!
  23. After i heard from a GTA3-MP-Fake from a frensh group I started to search a real MP-Mod for GTA via google and found one a few weeks later, it was the first Version of MTA 0.1 (GTA3 Console).
  24. That look´s like u have a bad or burned CD, the best is you use a CD Crack.
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