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  1. [HELP] Want to make the Vehicle and Nitro disappear i

    go close to that code and you see quite this press it and copy the code
  2. [HELP] Want to make the Vehicle and Nitro disappear i

    all you need is that function isPedDead()
  3. Emergency Lighting System (ELM,ELS)

  4. Getting, and inserting data to MySQL!

    that functions is all you need for mysql if you want to inters something to table you use dbExec and when you want to take something from it or will use dbExec or dbQuery and table for make something strin you need the function tostring that it
  5. screenX, screenY problem

    local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local sx, sy = screenW/1900, screenH/1080 addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, dxDrawRectangle(screenW/2 - 1000/2 + sx + 400, screenH/2 -50/2 + sy + 520, sx * 200, sy*30, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 135)) dxDrawText("Test", screenW/2 -1000/2 + sx +1250/2, screenH/2 -50/2 + sy+ 1040/2, screenW/2 - 1000/2 + sx + 100/2, screenH/2 - 50/2 + sy +20/2 , tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), 1 ,"pricedown", "left", "top", false, false, false, true) end ) try that
  6. [Question] How can i add this to server side?

    i think you can't
  7. [QUESTION] How to make this script?

    createObject or createPickup setTimer setPedAnimation destroyElement
  8. No deathmatch with VehicelDamageProof

    getScreenFromWorldPosition isLineOfSightClear
  9. setCameraTarget that is the function you want
  10. about leaked scripting

    i don't know sorry
  11. about leaked scripting

    i think no its not a crime but i am not 100 prcent sure ,you can't ask help here for bugs or error they have that scripts
  12. about leaked scripting

    if you mean vG owl etc then no it not crime but you wont get help here if you use them for bugs etc
  13. [HELP] Moving Buttons in login Panel

    local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local sx, sy = screenW/1440, screenH/900 if you have another resolution there change the numbers and after there you want use it for match all resolution just do sx*your number x, sy*number of y etc or just use screenW/number x and, screenH/number of y its same
  14. [Help] Vehicle window