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  1. Trigger resources in game?

    Just feel free to ask me or anyone on at this place about nearly everything. I can't promise I'll give the best answers, but I'll definitely try ūüėÄ
  2. Trigger resources in game?

    Well... Don't use tooooo much of them. It's memory, obviously. They have an event on both server and client side, which can be use easily with addEventHandler on their side. After that it's soooo easy to use them, sometimes it is hilarious. You just have to find the proper functions to do what you want. AND THE ACTUAL TIP Turn on development mode (setDevelopmentMode(true)) and use the showcol command. It will magically make them visible
  3. Trigger resources in game?

    Well... Those are big plans, I hope you will achieve it You don't have to start resources. I would use collision shapes to detect if a player walks close enough and make a script that changes the necessary things.
  4. Trigger resources in game?

    What would you want to achieve?
  5. getElementsByType

    V is the object element, not the model id. getElementModel(v) will get you what you want
  6. I need a help in a code.

    I'll get back to you in about an hour.
  7. I need a help in a code.

    You should put the checking in a timer that executes every second. setTimer() getElementHealth() setElementHealth()
  8. fix player id állandó játékos id

    Rendben. Akkor amint tudok felmegyek. Az IPt szerintem ne √≠rd ki publikusan. Az lenne a legpraktikusabb, ha priv√°t √ľzenetben el tudn√°d k√ľldeni porttal egy√ľtt. K√∂szi!
  9. fix player id állandó játékos id

    F√©l √≥ra m√ļlva fel tudok ugrani TSre ha az j√≥.
  10. fix player id állandó játékos id

    Hello! Meg tudn√°d fogalmazi a k√©rd√©st r√∂viden? Elvesztettem a fonalat a hossz√ļ sz√∂vegben, hogy mi a probl√©ma. Tal√°n tudok seg√≠teni.
  11. [Question]: fpslimit

    Hey! Serious problems won't occur. FPS limit is for syncing problems. A player who has 100 fps can sync differently than a player with 24. This could cause desync problems. High FPS won't really cause any problems. However I don't think MTA will ever have more than 60 or so
  12. looking for server side event

    Use onVehicleExit and check vehicle model ID
  13. Help acess denied user @local host

    Show me the DbConnect line
  14. [HELP]: executeBrowserJavascript

    You have to make a function that has the command in it, then make a bind that calls that function. Should work.
  15. Help acess denied user @local host

    Well... Me too okay so xampp local mysql db doesn't need a password. Just leave the password part like ""