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  1. What is the problem like? Describe it, please.
  2. A resource function example() --Something here end Its meta <export function="example" type="shared" /> The other resource exports.theNameOfTheResourceTheFunctionIsIn:example() -- or call()
  3. setElementData(theElement, string theNameOfTheData, theData) It works like, you define the element which you want to set the data of. Then you define a data name in string, so you can access it later, and lastly you define the data. Which can be a string, a number, an element, an object etc. -------- respawnVehicle uses only one argument, the vehicle. Use wiki... respawnVehicle() --Check it and read it carefully.
  4. Well... make a new table for texts and then it wont matter
  5. You can make a ped drive a vehicle. In a straight line. You can stop a ped if there's a vehicle in front of it. To actually make an AI that drives around on the map... it's nearly impossible. To answer your question. createPed() createVehicle() createColCuboid() attachElements() warpPedIntoVehicle() setPedControlState() onColShapeHit
  6. source is the gui your mouse enters. If you want it to become visible when you hover over it, don't do any if checks just use the source argument. You can filter it, to the thing2, which is like: for _, gui in ipairs(myTable.thing2) do if (source == gui) then --Do something end end
  7. Some web MySQL services can only be used by website for security reasons. Get in contact with the support of your service.
  8. In XML <export function="setWanted" type="shared" /> In script exports.theNameOfTheResourceTheFunctionIsIn:setWanted(arguments)
  9. You can put a green 3D line on the ground too... I mean, it's not the most beautiful solution, but a simple and quite effective one.
  10. I don't think you have to make shaders for that. Just make a big green 3D layer behind the characters, or somewhere on the map and make the photos there. So like... make and extra thick 3D line... for example.
  11. You make the clientside function to draw the text, make an event, trigger the event from serverside for the ppl in the gang
  12. Just a little tip. Use development mode. So on admin panel, you have a command line, use either that or write a script. setDevelopmentMode(true) -- client side command then in the ingame console (F8): showcol maaagiiic
  13. That means that the group is not existing. Try it with big A. So aclGetGroup("Admin")
  14. Try that again. Explain it too.
  15. if (getElementType(thePlayer) == "player") then -- If the element is a player local acc = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) -- Get it's account if (isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(acc), aclGetGroup("admin")) == false) then -- If the object is not in the admin acl group killPed(thePlayer, thePlayer) -- Kill it end end