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    Show me the line with the dbConnect

    Go to WIKI and read what arguments dbConnect has. There are a few example lines too, including a mysql connection. You can copy paste it and edit the line so it works for you.
  3. Mute Objects (Like Fountains) Possible?

    There's a debug option, showsound I think, which lists the playing sounds' ids in the debugscript, so you can identify the fountains' sound and turn it off with setWorldSoundEnabled. Something like this.
  4. help

    Since in your mods, the only way to get money is by your script giving it, make a function that you can call every time you give money to a player.
  5. setElementData

    I assume, you store the items in a way like {item, amount} or something similar. Now if you store it like {item, amount, {special data}} then you'll be able to make uniqe items. That third part in the table won't hurt anything, however you can access it when needed.
  6. [HELP] Draw partial image

    Okay, cool, thanks. I'Il be on PC like 20 hours from now.
  7. [HELP] Draw partial image

    I deleted the code, since it wasnt successful. I have a picture of an arm, that i would like to draw from the bottom to the top. I can't show it to you since I'm from mobile now. What I need is the idea of making this. So i know that RenderTarget crops everything that would be outside its borders, but when i resized the renderTarget, it made the picture messy and full of pixels.
  8. [HELP] Draw partial image

    It would be a shape. So like a muscle, that has an outline and a fill based on a value.
  9. [HELP] Draw partial image

    Hy! I would like to make a dxDraw indicator that shows stamina. I wanted to make a picture, that fills up to a certain level based on a value, so I tried using dxDrawImageSection and RenderTarget too, but I couldn't make it. It is important that I want it to be relative, so like I have a 200x200 size picture that I draw in 80x80, or in 50x50 and so on based on the user's resolution. Could someone help me in this?
  10. Marker hit by object

    The problem is that in function localRoot the radar is local which means the addEventHandler doesn't "see" it. Remove the local and it should work. Btw I sent you a message, you can write if you need help.
  11. Marker hit by object

    addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker, function(hitElement) if (getElementType(hitElement) == "object") then -- TODO here end end )
  12. Marker hit by object

    onMarkerHit returns the hitElement. Get it's type with getElementType
  13. [Help] MYSQ

    Oh... még "fiatal" Majd belejössz, észre sem fogod venni, hogy már milyen dolgokat megírsz.
  14. [Help] MYSQ

    Mióta scriptelsz?
  15. [Help] MYSQ

    oh. ez mondjuk logikus