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  1. Mysql problem - bad argument #1 to 'mysql_fetch_row'

    Well... MTA now has it's own SQL functions, which are great and easy to use. If you haven't got a script of 2000 lines, I'd recommend to use the MTA's db functions. This module is quite messy.
  2. Sniper Alpha HELP!

    Can you please provide some other information? Pictures, what exactly happens, have you got any debugscript 3 error msgs?
  3. How to become a professional scripter?

    Well. People have a bad habit of hurting others. Think about it. A community where the staff is so hateful, is a really bad community. I recomnend you to leave that community and the forum behind you and don't let those b***ards drive you crazy. If you feel bad or threatend, leave. For yourself.
  4. Help with Gridlist

    Yes. Then you use a trigger on server side, with the target player as the target of the trigger. So like: function sendMsg(targetPlayer, theMessage) -- You send the targetPlayer and the msg with the client sided trigger as additional arguments targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName(targetPlayer) -- Find the target player who has to get the msg triggerServerEvent(targetPlayer, "forwardMsg", resourceRoot, theMessage) -- Trigger a client sided event at that player to put the msg in it's gridlist end addEvent("someEventNameYouWantHere", true) -- Add the event addEventHandler("theSameEventNameAsInAddEvent", resourceRoot, sendMsg) -- Handle the event
  5. expected element

    It is a VERY useful check. It simply prevents your server from breaking down, if somehow you did not get a result from sql. How to use it? Simple. All you have to do is, that you make that if and put everything in it which directly uses the data from result. ( Basically you put the for loop in the if )
  6. clientside max fps

    Sorry... what's the problem with the setFPSLimit?
  7. Mysql problem - bad argument #1 to 'mysql_fetch_row'

    Do you use sql module?
  8. How to become a professional scripter?

    I couldn't see the source of the problem, but that is a forum. You can leave it if you feel bad while there.
  9. [HELP] I need help

    As well as I know, you have to make chat presets in meta for that. OR you can use dx functions to make a new one.
  10. Scoreboard játszott óraszám mentése

    Nem leszólás, csak kérdés. Miért nem írsz egyet magadnak? Nagyon izgalmas folyamat.
  11. isElementWithinMarker problem

    You have to call that function to get it work. You can do this with a simple event, and addEventHandler. This event is onClientMarkerHit ON CLIENT SIDE. So like:
  12. [Help] Marker/Object script

    The markers are invisible because when you define the color of them you have to use RGBA, which you did. you made your markers white, but defined their alpha 0. So they are completly transparent. Set the forth number to 255 and you'll see them. createMarker()
  13. isElementWithinMarker problem

    You call this function somehow, right?
  14. isElementWithinMarker problem

    Are the marker and the player in the same dimension?
  15. [Help] I tyed to trigger a cmd but it wont.

    triggerServerEvent("testkit", resourceRoot) -- Try this instead of the current.