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  1. Hey there! I am searching a solution for a function export problem. What i want to do is: - replace functions with a script( that will work for all the code in the same script) - the replaced functions should be accessible for other resources Example: - resource A replaces outputChatBox() so every text called with this will be green - resource B contains the outputChatBox() and the text created there should automatically be green without IMPORTING anything Hopefully there are some smarter guys out there, thanks for your help!
  2. DogMod Version 1.1.1 is out! Latest realease: DogMod Download All realeases:DogMod Resource Main Article: DogMod by SuperBrandy [iNNOVATIONS] This is more a update for the german community but i wanted to let everybody know. You can also suggest new languages for the mod! - DogMod fully translated in german - description for changing language in README [CHANGES] - compressed TXD - better performance - empty database within the download [bUGFIXES] - fixed database creation bug - fixed tricks bug
  3. Yes of course, everything. Would be pretty sad if nobody could see your dog
  4. The Developement of DogMod 1.2 has begun! You got the chance to tell me about your ideas now! Already planned things: 1. Dog can guard a position 2. Dog can sniff other players to find them 3. Dog is visible in the car Thanks for all the feedback and i hope to get every idea in the next version!
  5. Dogs finally arrived in your MTA World! Latest realease: DogMod Download All realeases:DogMod Resource [iNNOVATIONS IN DOGMOD 1.1.1] You can find new functions, changes and bugfixes here [ABOUT] Until now, a lot of MODs have been published wich add more opportunity's to MTA every day. Nevertheless, there are nearly no animal mods but i thought it would be pretty cool to have a pet in MTA. That's why i got the idea of making a Mod which adds authentic Dogs to the MTA world! [KEYS AND COMMANDS] /dog - create dog /deletedog - delete dog F6 - show/hide Dog Panel P - change dog status (only if dog is spawned) O - do tricks (only if dog is spawned) You can change the keys and enable /unlockall for testing, instruction in the README.txt [PICTURES] You see the DogPanel, collage of different dogs, dog creator and ball throwing activity [CONTACT] Feel free to tell me about any problems with the script or bug you found. I am also very interested in suggestions for example: Which dog races do you want to see? Which Inverntory do you want for playing with your dog? Want this mod optimized for a RL-server? Write me at [email protected] or here [FEATURES] Dog Actions (P) You can change between this three dog actions using P: Idle: Your Dog rests at it's current position Following: Your dog is following you. Attacking: Your dog follows you and helps you attacking other players or defends you from attacks. Creator (/dog) Choose a race, fur color, pick a name and your dog is created. Dog Panel(F6) The Dog Panels combines all important features: Spawn dog: Spawn or despawn your dog Tasks: Shows the tasks your dog can perform Tricks: Shows the tricks you unlocked and how to let your dog do them Use Inventory: Use unlocked inventory to play with your dogs Statistics Your Dogs gets stronger the more you play with him. You can see the your dogs stats in the dog panel. Fitness: Your Dog earns fitness while walking with you. More Fitness will increase your Dogs Health and it also unlocks tricks. Strength: Your Dog gets stronger while attacking others. Stronger Dogs make more damage. [VIDEOS & SERVERS] If you would like to make a review about this resource or use it on your server, feel free to do it and tell me at [email protected] [iNFO] This resource replaces the skins 290-299. Please consider this if you are using the resource together with other resources. [ALL CHANGELOGS]
  6. Hey there! I got stuck on a problem and i really don't know why it appears. I want to create a ped serverside, set it's health to 50 and pass it to a client. SERVER function Ped() local Ped = createPed (skin, x , y , z, 0, true ) setElementHealth(Ped , 50) outputChatBox("Server Health "..getElementHealth(Ped )) triggerClientEvent(client, "PedClient", getRootElement(), Ped ) end CLIENT function PedClient(Ped) outputChatBox("Client Health "..getElementHealth(Ped)) end addEvent("PedClient", true) addEventHandler("PedClient", getRootElement(), PedClient) ChatBox: Client Health: 100 Server Health: 50 !IN THIS ORDER Thanks for every answer!
  7. @Anunhav- I explained that i have to use Clientside because i need to send from Client to Server @CrystalMV- Good Point, thanks for your answer! I hoped that this may work but it seems like i need to find another way
  8. Hey thanks for your answer! Well, first of all this code is for a script so i don't think the race resource would work. I also tried onPlayerClientQuit, isn't working either. So i need to trigger this function client side when the player disconnects because i want to pass a variable and save it with the setElementData() function.
  9. Hi there! I want to trigger a server event with onClientResourceStop but it does nothing at all. Don't worry about savings, they work when i call them with a command Handler. CLIENT addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), function() triggerServerEvent("Save", getRootElement(), SaveVariable) end) SERVER function Save(SaveVariable) setElementData(SaveObject, Slot, SaveVariable) end addEvent("Save", true) addEventHandler("Save", getRootElement(), Save) I could imagine that this isn't working because the Client is shutting down to early but honestly, i have no idea. It would be very nice if someone could help me and fix this or suggest another way to save "onClientResourceStop" ! Thanks a lot SuperBrandy
  10. Thanks a lot :3 I should read the wiki pages better!
  11. Hi there! I hope someone can help me, i got a little problem with the ped rotation. local x,y,z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local rotx, roty, rotz = getElementRotation(getLocalPlayer()) setElementPosition(Ped, x + 1 , y, z) setElementRotation(Ped, rotx, roty, rotz) The Problem is that the ped rotates z-axis exact the other way then i am. For example while i got a z-rotation of 0 the Ped also got 0. But while i am having a rotation of 30 degrees the ped has a rotation of 330 degrees. I don't know why. I also tried to let the ped walk with setPedAnimation( Ped, "ped", "WALK_player") and setPedControlState(Ped, "forwards", true) The Problem there is, that the ped walks more backwards if the rotation gets nearer to 180 degree. At 180 and 270 degree the ped walks straight bachwards while the animation seems to go forwards so in the opposite direction. Thanks for help!
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