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    Okay so pretty self explanatory to be honest, need help setting up my website, i have a MTA Server, which is almost ready to go, wanna set up a sql to the server and the website, etc, not sure how to use WAMP nor set it up, need help ASAP if someone could get back to me, i have a steam-name of LTGamings, or you could PM me on here. Sorry this thread is a bit rough, i am busy.
  2. I dont see how it works, have you steam or skype?
  3. Hello guys, I’ve just managed to get my server up via a linux VPS, the server is up and everything is running smooth, however I cannot admin myself, I’ve edited the acl and input the command I have also noticed that when I edit the MTA config, I can edit it, save it, reboot the server yet nothing actually does as it’s told, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any solvent’s/ideas would be appreciated, I hope to get my server going ASAP. Many thanks, -Lewis.
  4. In this case, what do i move? where do i put it, i'm pretty new to this, and yes, i have FTP.
  5. I have made some custom mapping that i am now ready to put onto my server, and i was wondering how i am able to do this. If it helps, i use vortexservers.com to host my server, thank you in advance. -LTGamings.
  6. Hello guys, I'm going to make this sort and simple, for the purposes of well, readers, I was wondering if there were any well able Scripters/Developers avaliable to teach me, as i have always wanted to become a scripter, because im a bit stuck with my Roleplay server at the moment. Thank you in advance, |Lewis|
  7. I have already come into contact with another Scripter, thank you anyway. ~Lewis.
  8. Anyone? need a scripter to help with server. BUMP.
  9. The servers up and stuff but we're having various problems
  10. Depends and basicly need help setting up the whole server
  11. Need a scripter to help us with the server, willing to pay a FAIR price.
  12. Hey guys, i was actually planning on making a RP server, good host and stuff, anyway, i was wondering if anyone had any RP Resources for me and the server? it would really help us out. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello guys, today i had just brought a server for the first time ever from Vortexservers.com, at first i found that it was hard to work my way around but im getting there, atleast was, at the moment, i am stuck with a variety of challenges i am unable to resolve, and i was wondering if someone was willing to help me. Thanks in advance. Some contact details: Skype:LTGamings Steam:LTGamings
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