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  1. Well.. U got know these re not playable areas of game.. so if u´rent sure if u gona fall or not just shoot at ground This is the way to get out of there Just jump in to that point and ull be out Something curious its when u get out of hotel.. ull notice there is no buildings or your textures re not loaded at all.. thats coz u "entered" in a loadable place..but u havent passed by the load point to get out:D To load them just enter in hotel (and go out by the door:P ) Enjoy it!!
  2. K u just got to walk over "playable" areas of hotel.. i mean just walk over u walk as assuall Ill post how to get out of there just wait
  3. Yo This time Ransom, mr Deathb, SGB, me and other guyz had a party at "vaults" in bank. U can walk over vault but not in .. To make this just get a bike, place it at the first portion of stairs in bank and also need some1 who jacks your bike.. then ull b on roof:D Be care dont fall down walking over "walkable" area as when u re at bank as ussuall **What a shit of crap english.. sry bout that
  4. Hi What about?.. My game wont load and i changed gxt files, correct game version what can i do? (a friends problem:( )
  5. Yo boss and Kung Lao Lol make sure dont fall down or ull be trapped ( i forgot to say this:P) Jump at stadium wont kill ya u can land it well And now whatch this Just stay at heli tail and make hunter (or another) go up.. also u can forwrd but >really< low
  6. This time get your faster bike and go to the dirt ring. U can jump by the bigest loop and get higger than dirt ring roof.. sure most of u guys know it Just jump where that shity arrow says
  7. Heh.. if u thoug i get there underground by heli u was so wrong man
  8. This1 isnt something wonderfull but its there U got to go that mini market near mall and...
  9. I made this screen to explainit better Just make this jump on red (Its some hard to get it.. so just be patient.. it works) Have a nice trying
  10. Do u know what and where this place is? muhuahaha
  11. ROFL Ransom im too lazzy to make that pic smaller im a nOOb at the forums (or maybe i got no fucking idea of it:P)
  12. Hi all! Pretty cool idea guys count with me for your TEA . (i dont type so much coz my english crap:P) http://galeon.hispavista.com/grasscompany2004/img/turbob[/img[/b]
  13. ooh!!! thanx...at last someone helps me oh my god i vant believe it man really nobody help at servers...they are too bussy playing to answer some questions..................... A LOT OF THANKS MAN........ill never forget.......(tears of happiness man)
  14. I got this problem....AND NOBODY HELPS.... I´ve STARTED VC FROM MTA...when i see the CHARACTER SELECT SCREEN IT CRASHES and i have to restart my pc... And yes, i have restarted VC and changed the gxt´s files. i dont have mods of any tipe and i made me sure the VC directory gots the following archives in data/mta.scm MTA/american.gxt mta_dll.dll i have made all kind of things and nothig ********************PLEASE HELP****************************** *sorry for my bad english*
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