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  1. ...also like this: To do this stay in front of some wall (next of it) and then back view **I really need more english classes**
  2. 1st person mode?? ..nah.. just stay next of some wall and...
  3. Now go to cafe robina area roofs or where ever u c this.. on the whole u can get in those "air scape things" .. some of them no
  4. The old hospital bug Go to downtown hospital and get in driving or walking in to that wall
  5. This is the result of pole bug **Textures wont load till u get in the club again**
  6. Hi! Nice pic Ransom .. Well. today go to pole position club and "park" your bike exactly as u can c in this screen U need some1 to jack your bike..as soon as "the robber" jacks your bike jump trying to get on roof. B patient it works
  7. Hi! Oh come on Ransom dont leave us in the darkness.. I want to c it as soon as i c ya (..or u post it;))
  8. Hi! 2-Lol i was j/k with that i wrote bout your admin 3-It has 920 views in 10 days.. i think its not bad.. for to b a not offiacl topic ..And wtb.. it is!!
  9. ANOTHER DIMENSION?? This time go to phq whasington beach and try crash your bike in here till u fall out of it.. then ull b teleported to cherry poppers..Map wont load till u get some loadable place (like at ocean view)
  10. Lol sry Rebel I thought u was talcking seriously .. its fucked for me to know when some1 is kidding and when not when i read english (same on chats ) ..i allways got that problem and i get "auto-angry" myself Didnt want to ofend **Nah i really dont want u kickme from forums coz u re a admin... (Made with love with the best crap english)
  11. HI! Rebel: Do u think all MTA players gona do that u re telling?.. Maybe sometimes some "LAMER" (needed to do that) would do it.. but it dont meants that those teleports puts CTF in danger or something like that... 9 days since i posted this topic and it has 846 reads...(maybe for some xtrange reason ppl likes those bugs??) ***Sorry bout the crap english ***
  12. Maybe some war at cherry poppers and u want to get there as soon as possible?
  13. Hi! Well... a few posts ago i told i was gona post teleport bugs..so here u get 1 of "them" Get a bike and drive in to that wall.. then get out of bike and thats all.. ull b teleported to cherry poppers!! ***Thanx to [KFC]Crunch cos he shownme this cool bug ***
  14. ...What the hell u re talcking about?? ...and what the hell i got to edit.. i just hit "postreply" and i say what i got to say or show Once again sry bout my crap english*
  15. Xerox wrote: Yesterday i made this screen Lol it was impossible to fly with heli.. but really near Dont askme how tf i did that coz i got no idea.. bike blew and spawned there lol ****NEXT BUGS IM GONA POST RE TELEPORTINGS TO CHERRY POPPERS!!!**********[/b]
  16. ..no coments.. _________________________ This is not a funny bug coz my game crashed just at that moment
  17. Thnx for your big help netrex.... ___________________ Also u guyz could try this1:
  18. This1 is interesting: Place a hig car where u can c at this screen. U can b trapped like our dear friend Ransom (green circle) Or also can get on roof like me (in my opinion its better where i was.. not where Ransom was...) . There re big space to walk on roof and can get over lift or office where u get in lift to go up. Have fun!
  19. U only can get over vault (not in..or not yet )
  20. HI! Rebel: yes i have an nvidia g force4 mx 440 i know well nvidia cards have problems with gtavc.. oh and.. edit what? Thanx to Kunglao for "help" telling that ppl who doesnt like bugs.. just dont post in here and every1 happy And how to get at vaults? \/ Place your bike there and some1 gots to jack it. This time if u fall down just reapear at bank:D "Be patient it works" NEVER OUTGUNNED
  21. I know it happens every1 but there re no screens of that.. and its curious too
  22. If u dont like this shit then what tf re u doing here?? I just find for curious things in game .. it dont hurtS no1
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