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  1. Maybe some of u know the "super cop video". This video was recorded by GameF and u can c a cop getting a BIG jump on foot ( it seems like matrix) Well.. i think i know the key to get these "matrix jumps": http://galeon.hispavista.com/turbobscreens/img/bigjump http://galeon.hispavista.com/turbobscreens/img/bigjump2 I been investigating how to do them.. These re a few samples. "Free your mind"
  2. TURB®B


    hmm.. /me thinks maybe Draco Blue also worked on this stuff.. I like that transparent chatbox (u can c Cray saying "hi") ___________
  3. TURB®B


    Oh My God!!!! I want to know more!! Ppl wants to know more!!! It looks totally AWESOME!!!! Congrats and thnx "MTA BLUE" for this work. ________________
  4. (Up date)Nice T-shirt!! http://galeon.hispavista.com/warcriminals/img/niceshirt "I completed vice city and all i got was this lousy T-shirt!" Lol i couldn c very well what it says but thnx _____________________
  5. Maybe it happens when u run single player while MTA is running. And yeah that was so mad!!!
  6. Im glad with your acceptation guys. Lots of thnx to all u! That i said about the spam was only for not to disturb forum admins (post deleting and stuff) but if they has no problem with that.. me either, then all answers and coments re wellcome
  7. [WC] is the clan i just started, im recruiting ppl atm, every1 who wants to join is free to do it, just post u want to join in here, tell me on msn (WC_TURBOB@hotmail.com), personal msg or when u c me in game .............................[WC]War Criminals conditions:................................ -Well this is kinda social club for MTA players. -No problem if u re the best or worst player never seen, u will b wellcome. -Cheaters will not accepted and they will b posted in MTA Forums as known cheaters. -[WC] Does allows the big damage weapons abuse (molotov or grenade spam). -Spaz suc
  8. Good job dude!! (general:8/10) ...But i dislike a bit some songs u used on it, i think this is an action movie so it requires ruffest music. (a lil bad mixing at ambulance part ) /me claps your video
  9. Wohaa! nice video dude /me gets impressed with that grind landed jump near concert place!! 8/10
  10. >> right clik, save target as..<<< Lmao @ "Carl Jhonson" running with bike down the hills
  11. lol i know but i tried to delete it and it says i got to put a message
  12. .. and how did u get there? Im wondering what happens when u hit cinematic view or repetition inside a building.. (maybe nothing but im gona chek)
  13. :Sry bout these triple post (dont know how) but i think i solved it
  14. seems it takes error so try this: http://www.elrellano.com/videos/video84.shtml ..and choose KUNGFU MIX
  15. Yo KungFu and co. A few days a go i was surfing the web when i discovered this video.. i think u would like to watch it http://www.elrellano.com/videos/videofiles/kunfu-videomix.zip NICE RITHM!!
  16. Hi! Well, this is not a bug but i discovered it last week. Does some1 how to get this camera? http://galeon.hispavista.com/turbobscreens/img/newview *Its looking down from an heli. Gamef : lmao how did u get there?
  17. LMFAOROF!!!!! Div, would you explain how the hell did u do that?? erorr404: When u get over that wardrove u must jump to that roof lamp, however u can fell down (it happens to me sometimes ) But as u can c its possible to get there
  18. well i know that jump i made it a few times.. its cos u jump having in front a little obstacle (watch at that small wall just where the super cop jumps) im sure ppl has made some seemed jump often. Dont ask me how to do it coz i got no idea
  19. Well actually i got problems with posting pics (notice that i got no avatar now ) so if u cant c some images u can c tones of them in here: http://www.grasscompany2004.galeon.com and: http://www.turbobscreens.galeon.com Both of them used to host my pics for free And Sculay: just follow my instructions and u will b there too nice avatar dude* Lmao jbeta thanx have fun
  20. I know its not a great problem but it would b better. U can find that in some games (unreal tournament for example) so.. if the posibility its there, why dont to use it
  21. yeah lol it was to make ppl look for it but thnx
  22. not when gamne is lagged as hell.. wtb, i know scrolling up but i have been killed lots of times cos that stupid fat guy (mexi) cant run when picking) and u know how many ppl fights at airport terminal. if u kill lots of ppl finally every1 will shoot at you, this is just one more chance thoug .
  23. And finally... does some1 knows where this guy is? http://galeon.hispavista.com/turbobscreens/img/dude
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