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  1. function drawDxStuff(player) if player and isElement(player) then triggerClientEvent(player, "drawDxStuff", player) end end Then use this server side exports.resourceName:drawDxStuff(player) And in the dx stuff part just added (onClientRender) event
  2. play[s] = playSound("Sirens/"..s..".wav",true)
  3. thePlayer is not defined here function lol(player) if exports.SAWGacl:isPlayerInGroup(player,"Admin") then local team = getTeamFromName("Admins") if team then setPedSkin(player, 217) setPlayerTeam(player,team) setElementData(player,"class", "Admin") setElementHealth( player, 100 ) setPlayerArmor( player, 100 ) local r, g, b = getTeamColor (team) setPlayerNametagColor (player, r , g , b ) else exports.SAWGcommands:sendMessage("*Commands* You :Oing Moron You're not a sexy HQ Member to use this
  4. local play = {} function pSound(key,keyState,s) if play[s] then stopSound(play[s]) else play[s] = playSound("Sirens/"..s..".wav") setSoundVolume(play[s], 0.3) end end bindKey("num_1", "down", pSound,"Sound_003") bindKey("n", "down", pSound,"Sound_012")
  5. @pa3ck check this : CJ sutom clothes @Dzsozi all what you need: dxCreateTexture,dxCreateShader,dxSetShaderValue,engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture,engineRemoveShaderFromWorldTexture,destroyElement,addPedClothes,removePedClothes, tables (the most important thing).
  6. try to use the customblip resource.
  7. Nah i don't recommend you to pass variabls one by one, sending the whole table is slightly better (less events triggered) use my code ( getBansTable())
  8. Try this function booleanToString(boolean) return boolean and "true" or "false" end function stringToBoolean(string) return string == "true" and true or false end
  9. addCommandHandler("x", function(plr) redirectPlayer(plr, "", 21000) end )
  10. Sorry i can't edit my post, anyways you can use sth like this : function getBansTable() local bans = getBans() local bansTable = {} for i=1, #bans do local admin = getBanAdmin(bans[i]) or "N/A" local ip = getBanIP(bans[i]) or "N/A" local nick = getBanNick(bans[i]) or "N/A" local serial = getBanSerial (bans[i]) or "N/A" local banTime = getBanTime (bans[i]) or "N/A" local reason = getBanReason (bans[i]) or "N/A" table.insert(bansTable,{admin,ip,nick,serial,banTime,reason}) end return bansTable end function setBan
  11. Try this -- Server side function setBans() local bans = getBans() triggerClientEvent(client,"setBans", client, bans) end addEvent("outputBans", true) addEventHandler("outputBans", resourceRoot, setBans) -- Client side function setBans(bans) if bans then for k, v in ipairs(bans) do local row = guiGridListAddRow (stfgrd5) local serial = tostring(v.serial) or "N/A" local duration = tostring(v.time) or "N/A" local ip = tostring(getBanIP(v)) or "N/A" local nick = tostring(getBanNick(v)) or "N/A" local
  12. Ofc if you want to replace world textures with engineApplyShaderToWaorldTexture you need to use it.
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