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    if i do trigger server then client event it will be still the same rootElement so it will be working only for me
  2. Padul


    addEventHandler("onClientKey",root,function(button,pressed) if isPlayerInVehicle(localPlayer) then local veh=getPlayerOccupiedVehicle (localPlayer) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(veh) if button=="8" and pressed==true then triggerEvent("wlaczPoganiacz",root,veh,x,y,z) elseif button=="8" and pressed==false then triggerEvent("wylaczPoganiacz",root,veh) end end end) addEvent("wlaczPoganiacz",true) addEventHandler("wlaczPoganiacz",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),function(veh,x,y,z) poganiacz=playSound3D("zyla.ogg",x,y,z,true) attachElements(poganiacz,veh) end) addE
  3. do you have any idea how to change wheels size on car?
  4. i have finaly done that local syrena={} if signal=="slow" then syrena[veh]=playSound3D("shrtvaw.ogg",x,y,z,true) attachElements(syrena[veh],veh) elseif signal=="fast" then destroyElement(syrena[veh]) syrena[veh]=playSound3D("lngvaw.ogg",x,y,z,true) attachElements(syrena[veh],veh) else destroyElement(syrena[veh]) end
  5. now it does not appear in the debugscript but the element still is not destroyed
  6. if clientSyrenaState == 1 then syrena = playSound3D ( "shrtvaw.ogg" , x, y, z, true ) setElementData(playerOccupiedRadiolka,"radiolka:syrenaClientSyrena",syrena) attachElements(syrena,playerOccupiedRadiolka) elseif clientSyrenaState == 2 then destroyElement(syrena) triggerServerEvent( "usunDateBoPoChujOna" ,localPlayer) syrena = playSound3D ( "lngvaw.ogg" , x, y, z, true ) setElementData(playerOccupiedRadiolka,"radiolka:syrenaClientSyrena",syrena) attachElements ( syrena, playerOccupiedRadiolka ) elseif clientSyrenaState =
  7. serverside local fb={} if policeSigState == 0 then setElementData ( playerOccupiedRadiolka ,"radiolka:signalsstate",1) fb.wuwuni = createObject ( 1845, x , y , z , xr , yr, zr ) attachElements ( fb.wuwuni , playerOccupiedRadiolka, -0.5 , -0.05 , 0.9 ) elseif policeSigState == 1 then setElementData ( playerOccupiedRadiolka ,"radiolka:signalsstate",0) destroyElement ( fb.wuwuni ) end WARNING: Bad argument @ 'destroyElement' [Expected element at argument 1, got nill] can someone explain me that and maybe help :)? the problem is that i have more than one car that wil
  8. Padul

    Nuclear DayZ

    Nuclear DayZ I would like to invite you to our MTA DayZ server. What characterises our server? Customized gamemode New login system along with new login panel Unconscious system Infection system New map objects (No lagging objects) New helicrashes Custom weather script Database transferred to MySQL which increases server performance New vehicle spawns New items and more loot spawns Global chat ('B') Added new weapons (Tec-9, RPG-7) New backpacks Arma II skins (weapon, players, items, zombies Optimized and adapted distance rendering system for character mod
  9. attempt to call global 'outputServerLog' (a nil value) if (x>=screenW*0.0891 and x<=(screenW*0.0891)+285) and (y>=screenH*0.6699 and y<=(screenH*0.6699)+26) then outputServerLog("KLIKNĄŁ!!") end what i have dont wrong?
  10. function forObjPosition ( thePlayer, command ) local padx,pady,padz = getElementPosition ( thePlayer ) outputConsole ( "{" .. padx .. "," .. pady .. "," .. padz .. "}," ) end addCommandHandler("mypos",forObjPosition) What had i done bad?
  11. Padul

    weather script

    ok, now its fine and working, big thanks for help
  12. Padul

    weather script

    so my intention was to change server weather setting depens on what the currnet ingame time is, eg if the ingame is 20, then the script will set weather to eg 4, also i set the script to server side
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