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  1. errr, that site didnt help, didnt have anything to do with gta:vc skins...
  2. anybody know where i could find a formula 1 car skin/model for gta:vc? coz that would be really cool to have one. thnx
  3. hmm, nah just rolling along the ground, its so easy in cop car
  4. is there a record for most barrel rolls?
  5. haha that was wierd, but i spose its easy to beat my rotation when ur fricken 100 miles in the air, but i landed mine so there
  6. ok kool, well i didnt do any of that shit and im happy with my stunt
  7. u mean editing the handling section, reducing mass, increasing acceleration and velocity?
  8. well i landed my 1220 perfectly without any cheats, although i was using "onspeed" which just makes evrything look like its going really fast but it keeps evrything real so nuttin helped it turn that much or land or nething..
  9. wunna see a neat stunt, i pulled off a 1220 degree stunt and landed it, its so wierd, i land it backwards on PCJ, heres the file: http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/n1ck/replay.zip
  10. ah yeah i just figured it out
  11. is there a way to change the view from that changing camera view when u replay, to just a normal first person view, its so much better to see stuff...the camera views change too much in that other one
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