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  1. CIT actually had this about 7-8 months ago. We called it "CITy". In my honest opinion, our interface was slightly more user friendly. Instead of clicking and then going to the selector on the same screen, we offered a list and your choice of furniture list would pop up on the right. On top of that, players could even place walls and floors with a texture they picked themselves! Everything that was build was really unique. From offices to complete garages to even great Budhistic temples! The best feature might've been "CITy doors". When players walked to it, it would open. But only for those who were allowed to come in. Sadly, CITy was removed a few months ago since the amount of objects in a small area was just too high. It became quite laggy. Such a shame, really. It was my favourite thing. A piece of Sims on MTA!
  2. I've been trying but it simply refuses to let me remove it! But, I am. Outcome: "Access is denied" I have no idea what to do next Update FI-NA-LLY! So, to fix this problem I completely uninstalled MTA 1.4 (also deleted the file at Program Files x86) and I uninstalled GTA SA 1.0 I went to here Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts And then I clicked "Change User Account Control settings" and I set the bar to low "Never notify", then I restarted my computer After this I could delete the file I had to delete. I reinstalled GTA and then MTA 1.4 and went back to the previous step to set it back to "Default" since it's safer! Thank you for your help, the topic may be locked and I hope that what's written above might help others in the future.
  3. Thank you for your quick response and yes, it does. The contents are 1.3 1.4 Common I can access 1.3 and Common. However, when I try to enter 1.4 it says "C:\ProgramData\MTA San Andreas All\1.4 is not accessible. Access is denied.
  4. Good evening, I apologize that my first post here is a topic where I seek for help. But MTA 1.4 just refuses to work so I have no other option as coming here. MTA 1.4 used to work just fine for me till today. Whenever I start it it says: Of course I reinstalled it. I actually did that several times. Not only have I tried the latest full install, but I also tried earlier versions. And the weird part is, MTA 1.3.5 works just fine. My fellow staff members recommended me to uninstall 1.3.5 as well and reinstall it and I did. But, it didn't work. I also tried installing 1.4 in a different place instead of in my Program Files (x86) but that too didn't work (I tried it in the GTA file itself and there was no change). I even reinstalled my GTA SA as I thought that "[Date directory not present]" might refer to that but it too didn't work. It's essential for me to have a functioning 1.4 as the server I play on solely uses 1.4 Additional information that might be useful: MTA 1.4 gets installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.4 MTA 1.3.5 gets installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.3 My GTA SA gets installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas And I've had this specific GTA for over 3 years and it has always worked fine. Till I didn't use the computer for about a week. I checked everything when I install it but it's supposed to work. I seriously have no idea why my 1.3.5 runs fine while my 1.4 doesn't. Much love, Cherry