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  1. hey someone can help me whats wrong on this script ? i use private message for F3 buttons , fader.luac as clientside and client.luac as client side too , and then show on game but still cant get private message , and then i change fader.luac as serverside but doesnt make changes still same problm how i can fix it?? this error when i put client.luac and fader.luac as Client side
  2. hey someone who can make me script for Top Murder , top zombie killer , top rich player when show on custom scoreboard and custom hotkey on DayZ game mode , you can make for me for compiled script it doesnt matter
  3. a problem on my DayZ server caused cant drop any items on vehicle, see the errors
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    How i can?

    hi , i have many question but i wont post as multiple threads its to inconvenient , then i would make it in same thread How i can enable VIP system on DayZ gamemode? or using resources? who have resources or making one for me How i can add Custom Vehicle like Mesa Turismo comet on DayZ gamemodes? i have to add custom variable to add custom cars like comet mus add cometGamePlayvariables , and then how i can make it how i can make a safezone area with green area on map? how i can make a custom location like safezone for playing music on radius xxx , and how i can make list of music ?? sorry for bad english and many many many question here , but i hope available person who helped me Thanks
  5. hi anyone can help me for fixing my problems ... a while ago my friend accidentally spawn banshee from admin panel (DayZ server) then all vehicle wont spawn , and now my server have no vehicle there , well i know there should not be spawn vehicle from admin panel but my friends inadvertent , so someone there can fix it without replacing internal.db with new one?? or any resources for vehicle system on DayZ?? thanks
  6. i've open that script and i cant find the variable to add loot position/coordinate , then i find it on editor_server.lua it has many coordinate like residential item , army item etc . then if i add cordinate to it , it would be?? i will try it soon
  7. thanks for all answer , i think it maybe too many same function of "myGate1" then i change it to "myGate2,myGate3..." then it work , thanks very much
  8. im done fixing that problem and my base still can't load i dont know why , any base are same too , i dont know what caused my base won't start . there is no logs or warning informed me and my base still can't start
  9. there are so many compiled script and decompiled script too, but if i want to edit spawn loot items .. where i can edit ??? wich one the script is?
  10. if i fix that problem , is that fixing my base too?
  11. thanks sir , but i still dont know wich one i must delete , i have many resources with difference name , after my server got stopped 1 days ago because some technical problem , this problem come again and make me confused ... i cant load this Base again the same problem ... im so confused , my meta.xml is fine it indexed all neccessary files , but why my resources still can run , i try on local server (not an VPS,just home server with no mods or script) and it works but when i run on VPS why cant be ???
  12. anyone can help me , the same problem come again
  13. hi , anyone there can help me to add some loot spawn item locations where i can edit this ? wich one lua script i must edit??? , and if i done editing , can this run immediately without restarting server , thanks sorry for bad english