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  1. Why the corners look like this? all corners is same Draw Function: function dxDrawRoundedRectangle(x,y,w,h,color,postgui) local ancho = 0.03*sY/3 dxDrawImageSection(x,y,ancho,ancho,0,0,32,32, corner,0,0,0,color,postgui)--left top dxDrawRectangle(x+ancho,y,w-(ancho)*2,ancho,color,postgui) dxDrawImageSection(x+(w-ancho),y,ancho,ancho,32,0,-32,-32, corner,0,0,0,color,postgui)--right top dxDrawRectangle(x,y+ancho,w,h-ancho*2,color,postgui) dxDrawImageSection(x,y+(h-ancho),ancho,ancho,0,32,-32,-32, corner,0,0,0,color,postgui)--left bottom dxDrawRectangle(x+ancho,y+(h-ancho),w-(ancho)*
  2. server local Avatars = {} function onPlayLogin (_, playeraccount ) if isPlayerLogged(source) then Avatars[source] = createElement("dxAvatar") callClientFunction(root,"dxCreateAvatarlist",getAccountName(playeraccount), Avatars[source],source) end end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), onPlayLogin ) Create Avatar function dxCreateAvatarlist(player,elementAvatar,playerid) if not getElementData(elementAvatar,"dxAvatarCreate") then setElementData(elementAvatar,"dxAvatarCreate",true) setElementData(elementAvatar,"dxAvatarPlayer",player) local shader = dxCrea
  3. QUEUE IN CHAT COMMANDS /skip - Skip current sound /queue - Show queue sounds list BINDS F10 - Open the panel F7 - Preview Sound M - Switch to sounds Price: [SELLED]
  4. Fixed CRASH now sorry ejejeje
  5. Looney;3


    ¿MTA is crashing when you enter to server? or ¿Your error is as this? LIBCEF.DLL?..... OK WHA THE :O?
  6. Hey, i come here to show you my little great project, I was advancing it with my little free time RACE CONCEPT: https://imgur.com/KFp14Uc USERPANEL CONCEPT: https://imgur.com/I99yU9c
  7. Hola vengo a compartirles un pequeño gran proyecto en el cual estuve trabajando hace mucho tiempo y con el poco tiempo que pude fui adelantando y modificando fue creado a base de un concepto creado por uno de los lideres de la comunidad Insane Style Gamers RACE CONCEPT: https://imgur.com/KFp14Uc USERPANEL CONCEPT: https://imgur.com/I99yU9c Lo que logre hasta ahora
  8. wow thanks bro, but why that will break? :C
  9. Thanks but now fetchRemote send error #1006 1006: Destination IP not allowed u know why?
  10. link = "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAT47vPfs04" function onResourceStart() playingSound = playSound("http://www.convertmp3.io/fetch/?video="..link) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), onResourceStart) why don't work this?
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