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  1. Sounds great keep it posted about how it is going with your little project...!
  2. AbXI


    the little x?? it says at the bottom u cannot delete post etc etc..
  3. opss sry.. .just add Hail_to_metalsuck_me678@hotmail.com btw where did u get the full lengt i cant find it anywhere...
  4. ARgh'!!! Why does the movie get messed up it got a bunch of lines across it cant see what really happens on the film... This happens only with 2.0 and not with 1.9.. (fraps) And yes i have uppdated my video card and everything why does the image looks the way it looks..?!?! It works perfect with other games it is just Gta vice city movies that gets really odd.. What really happems is that the screen get divided on four and a bunch of lines cross all over the screen so make it almost impossible to see what is happening.....
  5. AbXI


    Argh someone just delete this topic i got my answer... !!
  6. Wondering if anyone had a full version or fraps 2.0 that they would be friendly to send to me..
  7. Does any1 here happen to have a full fraps 2.0.. and about the video sub program.. the movie still gets VERY large any1 know another program which i might use to make the file smaller and covert it to another format....
  8. Do you record or edit with Adobe premier... Was just wondering if u can record with it... in that case it would be much better then the frap or what the name of the record program was called..
  9. What type of program/tool do i need to record when i play in GTAVC.. and what tool to convert(if needed) to plain .avi .mpeg or any simpel similar movie format...
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