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    Have you downloaded the stream memory fix? Here's the link Stream Memory Fix 2.0 It has helped alot people and they say it worked, I don't know about you. You need to put all the files inside your GTA San Andreas directory. Ex:C\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas directory.
  2. Crash when i playing

    Downgrade Windows to 8 or 7 then, it's the only chance to fix it. There must be no problem before you are using Windows 10, many cards don't support newer OS and devices.
  3. Crash when i playing

    Yes, it's a problem for graphic cards driver, but the driver does not support Windows 10 anymore, so you need to either downgrade to Windows 7 and 8 or you need to buy a new graphics card, sorry it's the only solution. Thanks.
  4. Crash when i playing

    Sorry for the late reply, download this one for your graphics card, uninstall your old driver and install this new one.
  5. Crash when i playing

    This is the driver you are looking for, there are two drivers 64-bit and 32-bit download the specific one you have, example you have Windows 10 32-bit you download the 32-bit version of the driver. It's the Windows 10 driver..
  6. Crash when i playing

    Press Start, and find the run bar and type in "dxdiag" press enter and you will be shown your own specification. Find the display, it will show your own graphics card model. And as I said, uninstall your graphics driver and download the new one as I instructed before. Tell me your graphic card model.
  7. Crash when i playing

    Try to uninstall your Intel Graphics driver and then download the new one from the website, and please download the matching driver for your graphics card, for example Intel HD 3000 requires a specific Intel HD 3000 driver. Download the drivers for the same operating system you have, to download it simply press the Select a Product, then Choose your Product and pick the Graphics driver button and find the driver you wanted to download.
  8. Crash when i playing

    igdumd32.dll is a dll that belongs to Intel Graphics Accelerator driver. The most known solution is to update your graphics card driver, try it and tell me if it's still happening or not, it's worth a try. Here's the link

    It's a common problem if you got custom textures, it's because the memory is not enough to display the textures so it will be like that, to fix this you need to upgrade your RAM or VGA. I see you're playing in CIT? Maybe you can disable the custom textures? There are two fixes as far as I know. First is to do this MTA Settings > Advanced > Streaming memory > Set to maximum. and second, you need to download this one, it's called "Stream Memory Fix 2.0" it can fix the texture problems, just need to put it into your GTA:San Andreas directory (not MTA:SA dir) Tell me if it's working!
  10. Big Custom Object disapear

    I think your model does not have LOD (Level of detail) model so it disappears even on short distances. And you should know which model do you replace for that sphere because some GTA:SA models are tend to disappear even after short distances. You should try to replace some models that did not disappear after long distances. Ex: trees, a tall tower, etc.
  11. How to get .ide from a map ?

    Hey, are you trying to edit your GTA:SA data/map files? I'm sorry but as far as I know, you can't have the .ide because you use MTA:SA map editor and it does not require .ide because they had different ways and MTA use resources to add maps so it's easier to add or remove the map. If you really want to make a map that has .ipl and ide which you can use it to modify your GTA:SA map files then you have to use MEd (Map Editor) made by tonywob. There are also various tutorials on how to using the map editor so you don't have to worry about not getting used to it.
  12. Hey guys, I'm going to show you my own Mother Base map! It's perfect for factions, gangs or squads! The location is just west of Bayside Marina and Gant Bridge. Here are few screenshot for you guys: The main building The quarters The back of the mail building Sorry, I can't attach my pictures so I'm giving you the links to the pic. And here's the download link: MGS:V Inspired Mother Base Thanks for visiting this very first thread of mine, I hope you enjoy my present! And I'm sorry if there's any errors in the map, I used to put the map in a RPG server so there are vehicles I put. I'm a new mapper so this is one of my biggest map I made.
  13. [TDM/RPG] DMC - Desert Clan Warfare [ENGLISH]

    I will wait for this server, can I ask you what kind of game mode it provides? Thanks.
  14. It's a good server honestly, just lack of players there. Usually gang or squad members are there but not much of a problem. Just lack of variation and bits of there and that.
  15. Dilan and Milea conversation:

    Milea: "Ha ha ha"

    Dilan: "Hey... Don't laugh!"

    Milea: "Why?"

    Dilan: "Because that guy will like you"

    Milea: "And why is that?"

    Dilan: "Because your laugh is beautiful"

    Milea: "He he he, I will laugh and he will like me"

    Dilan: "Whatever! I will beat him up later!"

    Milea: "Why?"

    Dilan: "Trying to win you"

    Milea: "He he he, you are going to win"

    Dilan: "Why?"

    Milea: "Because... I wanted you to win"