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  1. Hello Guys, i'm working on this new script its a Mounted machine gun and i faced some problems, so first problem is in the `getOut` function supposed to make the player free by that i mean (detach the player from the minigun and the turret object `a minigun` and back to normal) and the second problem is, in drawin a crosshair for the weapon as you can see in the line [75] of the code it supposed to `drawImage`. but it does not < maybe i'm mistaken in writing the `drawImage` function under those lines of `cursorX` statement, if so please enlighten me and last but not least i want the `W
  2. i'm grateful for you help mate, see what i have done:- function aim() local camRot = getPedCameraRotation(localPlayer) setElementAttachedOffsets(current.object, 0, -1.5, -0.25, 0, 0, -camRot+90) setElementRotation(localPlayer,0, 0, -camRot) setElementAlpha(localPlayer, 0) addEventHandler("onClientResourceStop", resourceRoot, function () setElementAlpha(localPlayer, 255) end) addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, function () --[[ Creating the direction vector ]] local cameraX, cameraY, cameraZ, lx, ly, lz = getCameraMatrix() local directionVector = (Vector3
  3. update :- i guess i get the idea of the crosshair and how it works, but there is two problems first is the weapon is "killing the Player when aiming down" the second one is the weapon movement, what i'm missing here? function ClientfireWeapon() local x,y,z = getWorldFromScreenPosition ( w/2, h/2, 50 ) setElementData ( localPlayer, "attachedToWeapon_aim", {x,y,z} ) local aim = getElementData ( localPlayer, "attachedToWeapon_aim" ) setWeaponTarget(Weapon, aim[1],aim[2],aim[3]) setWeaponState ( Weapon, "firing" ) end addEvent("FireWeapon", true) addEventHandler("Fi
  4. thanks for your reply, what about the crosshair ?
  5. Hello, i created a weapon "minigun" using Create Weapon and i'm trying to make it fire like a weapon the Player have by that i mean ( it fires when mouse is clicked and stops when is not), i know that ( fireWeapon is the function that i should use ) so i tried to do it but i failed. also i have another question ( i'm willing to make a crosshair for the weapon and i have no idea how to make the weapon fires to the crosshair point) so if there is any examples or functions to give that will be great what i have tried :- Client Side:- function CreateRealWeapon(object)
  6. Hello Community, i'm working on a tactical vehicle script , Basiclly i'm attaching a (machine gun) to the back of the (bobcat) vehicle, so that the player can hop in and used to be honest, i'm not sure that i have the entire idea on how to code it because ( i don't know how to make an aiming system ) i want to draw a crosshair on the screen and i want the player to be able to rotate the weapon. so my question is how can i make an ( aiming system ) for this.
  7. Yes, @Zango i want the player to control it, so its clear that first i need to create a weapon in the back of for example (bobcat) and then wrap the player to the weapon and attach the player to the weapon ex(minigun). this well be easy to do but how about ( aiming ) how i can make a crosshair that moves with the players cam and fires on the players command .. also firing to the crooshair world position
  8. hello guys, as the title says i'm looking for a tactical vehicle with working mounted machine gun like this ( GTA V ) tactical vehicle :- Picture so as you see from the picture that is what i'm looking for , ( if there is no script like that ) how could i code a one which functions is used to make fully working weapon .. attached to the back of a pickup vehicle like bobcat. Thanks.
  9. this is revolutionary !! keep up the good work
  10. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وباركته اخواني لدي مشكلة في مود رشاش المود جاهز حملته من الموقع بس الفكرة اني ابي اعدل عليه واخلي الرشاش تابت في خلف ال Bobcat في سيارة بوب كات بس ابيه يركب وراء في الخلف الكود طويل لكن مو صعب انا حاولت اسوي attachElements للرشاش والسيارة ولكن فشلت ف ارجوكم ساعدوني لاني والله احتاجه لسيرفري الخاص وبارك الله فيكم اخواني Client : inUse = false inUse_s = false inUse_s2 = false inUse_s3 = false w, h = guiGetScreenSize () function create_client(weapon,weapon2,weapon3) local x,y,z = getElementPosition (weapon) local weapon_c = createWeapon("minig
  11. مافي اي مساعدة شباب !؟
  12. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وباركته اخواني عندي مشكلة في سكربت جديد قاعد ابرمج فيه والسكربت عبارة عن عداد تاكسي يحسب بالامتار المشكلة اني اريد ليبل او Label يتغير وهو ليبل السعر حيث لما يوصل عداد الامتار ل 1000 متر يتغير السعر ويصير 1 دينار يعني اليبل يتغير والمشكلة التانية اني ماعرفت اسويله لووب بحيث لما يركب التاكسي بس يطلع الGUI او الواجهة الرسومية الكود : GUIEditor = { button = {}, window = {}, label = {}, memo = {} } function setUp(startedResource) if(startedResource == getThisResource()) then oX,oY,oZ = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer())
  13. hello my last topic was closed beacuse topic bumping so i decided to create anthor one because i really need help ihave a problem on Xwad mg Machine Gun script the problem is i can't mount the machine gun on a vehicle the code client side : inUse = false inUse_s = false inUse_s2 = false inUse_s3 = false w, h = guiGetScreenSize () function create_client(weapon,weapon2,weapon3) local x,y,z = getElementPosition (weapon) local weapon_c = createWeapon("minigun", x,y,z) setElementCollisionsEnabled( weapon_c, false ) setWeaponState ( wea
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