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  1. Nice! But this could be optional example: <script src="main.hv" type="client" language="Hexe" />
  2. i said " destroy own server" not "hack client/players" like web browser, server can ask player "do you agree to load XYZ website".
  3. Some advanced functions and addons could be optional, easy to block by hosting. If someone like to destroy own server - no problem. I said that milion times.
  4. Hi. How can i protect my script ageinst thieves? compliling script are good but is any better solution? What can i do if someone hack my server, got admin, destroy all etc.? I heard that hacker can got global ban. How can i prove and report this people?
  5. Ważność Kod Opis Projekt Plik Wiersz Stan pominięcia Błąd RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Client Launcher D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Client\launch\GDFImp.rc 17 Błąd RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Client Core D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Client\core\core.rc 11 Błąd RC1015 cannot open include file 'afxres.h'. Loader D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Client\loader\loader.rc 10 but server working ^,^, how fix this libs? i try install but still not working ;/
  6. no, only server when i try full solution, then 39 erors Ważność Kod Opis Projekt Plik Wiersz Stan pominięciaBłąd TRK0005 Failed to locate: "CL.exe". No special file found. pthread D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Build\TRACKER 1
  7. where is "DownloadMicrosoft Visual Studio 2017 (Community Edition is free)." so, i download it. I try at 2015
  8. when i try compile server Ważność Kod Opis Projekt Plik Wiersz Stan pominięcia Błąd TRK0005 Failed to locate: "CL.exe". No special file found. pthread D:\mtab\mtasa-blue-master\Build\TRACKER 1
  9. nie można odnaleźć określonego modułu == Can not find the specified module this is my error on linux i have diffrent problem with multithreading
  10. i run this and again, net_d.dll not working
  11. I use visual studio 2017 to compile server mta on windows, version debug win32, compile successful. When i try turn on server i got information about missing "net_d.dll", ok, i compile on version an hour ago so i download lastest nightly mtasa-1.5.4-full_rc-11352-20170517.exe for net.dll, i put in folder, try turn on and again! whats wrong i do?
  12. how can i use example at bottom of page named "Not so simple" texture display, but i want to move this texture, i use this function r() return math.random(1,100)/13 end dxSetShaderValue(shader,"Tex0",texture); dxSetShaderValue(shader,"gWorldViewProjection",r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r(),r()); gWorld, Position etc values and doesnt work
  13. if getElementType(player)=="console" then
  14. Mta stuff should afk scripters and people in poll what he need for servers, The best idea would be the highest priority. If an idea has been added, another identical poll. Now, are added things that people dont realy need, debugSleep ? who use this?
  15. I make everythink and i cant compile ml_base on 64bit ubuntu! i got error ml_base# make gcc -g -MD -Wall -I./ -m32 -fPIC -shared -Wl,-soname,,-R./ -m32 -o ./CFunctions.o ./CThread.o ./CThreadData.o ./ml_base.o -lpthread -lstdc++ -llua /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -llua collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [ml_base] Błąd 1 i try install lualib etc but didn't working
  16. i compile successfull, when i run mta-server64 and got this error
  17. When i try compile server on ubuntu 64bit, when i try start it using ./mta-server64 i got this error enable multithreading to use std::thread: what should i do?
  18. If someone make public gamemod that owners of server need to download, update resource etc. My idea is to make automated download resources from gamemode, when author of gamemod update this, and owner of server restart script then resource automatic update. example meta could look like this: <meta url=""> </meta>
  19. I dont understand ( im from poland ) In config should be option to unlock package io and os lib ( hosting could block some of this )
  20. Yes, i know that i can install module for server, but its problematic and not all script need new functions. Cool idea would be option to make simple c++ file, compile to .so or .dll and load to only 1 script.Somethink like: <script src=""/> have few function like int test(int i){ return i++; } bool test_two(){ return false } script=loadLib("") script:call("functionname",arguments) script:functions() -- return all functions script.meta -- return table of information about file and i can call script:call("test",1) and return 2
  21. is possible to get all methods and variables from element? somethink like: vehicle:getMethods() print this page and other (define by user methods)
  22. On every server function to save vehicles, players etc take a lot of code, you must loop all datas, position, handling etc. good idea is to make function like dump(element) which return all element possible thinks as string, and second function element=loadFromDump(string) which load element from this string this could be use for vehicle and players.
  23. function split should have parametr like "tryFormat" example result=split("mystring,123,mystring",",",true) -- true is "try format" result is table {"mystring",123,"mystring"} insted {"mystring","123","mystring"}
  24. is possible to select from mysql using 1 select which output like this in { ["name"]="mynickanem", ["other_column"]="kldsjskldjf", ["licenses"]={ { ["name"]="driver", ["ban"]=0, } { ["name"]="gun", ["ban"]=0, } } } from 2 tables "accounts" and "licenses"