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  1. That mean s0beit will work?
  2. That mean s0beit will work?
  3. that been 5 years ago, do now it is possible ?
  4. I want to hook gta function into mta, but i dont know how can i skip function and continue function. here's my code but crashing game. can someone explain me how can i do this? void __cdecl CWorld::RemoveFallenPeds() offset 0x565CB0
  5. - place random object from category, example random tree, random rock, random bush etc. with option random rotation - move multiple objects at once - support for water, colzones, occolusion zones, custom models - save in various methods, as .map, .lua, .sql, compress file ( example: dont set interior=0 if by default interior = 0, dont set posX = 123.0000005 ) - simple permission system, example provilages to: edit, create, destroy, save, load, map settings - upgrade remove world object, now, some object are impossible to remove ( if you click but nothing you clicked, then script find nearest 10 world objects and show you in list ) - import map to current map which able to marge multiple maps into one, and export part of map into separated files ( example you can export all object which in colshape )
  6. CrosRoad95

    Lua 5.3?

    bitwise operators goto statement more metamethods new function table.move new function string.pack new function string.unpack new function string.packsize this is only few
  7. CrosRoad95

    Lua 5.3?

    Not change to lua 5.3, but trying copy stuff from lua 5.3
  8. CrosRoad95

    Lua 5.3?

    This topic was considered many times, mta team said that "this can break already existed scripts" but there can be option to change version of lua, by default: 5.1
  9. Hi, i'm writing becose i was developer of over a dozen servers and now i still develop yet another server. I know lua very well and i sometimes see walls which was placed by mta team, mostly for scripting: Enable disabled functions ( mainly: `require` ) Files and dirs, listing them, read/write binary, edit files from directories above resources Importing script from other resource ( something like c++ `include` ) Exporting classes, I can create server with 1 big resource but this make no sens Sandboxes like sub-resource, few functions which allow to make your own resource system. Extended modules api ( more events, example for editing resource while loading ( possible macros ) ), allow to load clientside modules ( example module with custom animations @saml1er ) if user agree. ( yes, user can be stupid and agree to install ransomware ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) This options could be enabled by secret setting in mtaserver.conf. Hosting providers can easly disable this like `maxslots` now. If someone install resources from others people ( or don't checking them ) them he has problem. This isn't argument to not doing this.
  10. Custom animations are in progress! Thanks Saml1er
  11. i mean protect my resources after sold in order to someone don't give that resource anyone else until meta.xml isn't compiled, i can crack EVERY resource on the internet i can modify meta.xml and add script which overwrite all security functions function addDebugHook()end function fetchRemote() return true end function checkResourceLicense() return true end
  12. i'm writing because in mta there is impossible to make safe shop with resources, to improve this, mta team should implements one of my example solution or come up with your own, better ones. Resource as `executable file` - should allow to pack every script with meta into 1 file `myResource.mtaexe` which is recognize as normal resource but you cant add your own code before/after resource start. You can't overwrite my functions, you can't change meta.xml. If you want to use files. Also tag <file> should receive attribute `checksum` to verify external files. This executable file could be simple obfuscated .zip file. function `restoreOriginalFunction( functionName )` - this function resource original function, but if you have N lua script, then for each script this function will be overwritten, currently example function `outputChatBox` is registered once per resource and other script can overwrite them in other file. This function allow to protect other functions before overwriting For both should be added function to disable addDebugHook for this resource.