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  1. As we know San Andreas have a beta with a lot of weapons ,vehicles and skins which were cut until release In cutting room floor,wiki,gta forums i heard about a lot of leftovers about revolvers,grenade and rocket launchers,mine,psg-1 lasermine,m16 ,mp5k ,ruger and vehicles:FBI Car,Roller,Deluxo ,SentinelXS,SabreTurbo,Kuruma,Skateboard ,a taxi and a bus were also cut.Elegy was called Legend 566 and was bigger than now and had 2 different paintjobs Also there were peds a lot which were cut.As map we know there was a island which gonna to reasamble Alcatraz Island Could you guys add not to replace these things in MTA SA ?to have more peds ,vehicles,and weapons ?
  2. Salutare numele meu este Andrei Optyck iar astazi va invit sa va alaturati celui mai mare grup de mta san andreas romania de pe facebook > De asemenea grupul nostru detine si un site facut doar de mine (Click pe butonul cu andrey ala e site-ul coperta) gen mta brasil, cu resurse gen skin,hud ,tag,radar,vehicles,weapons ,login panel ,mape romanesti etc Va asteptam pe facebook sa va alaturati comunitatii noastre De asemenea avem si hall of shame :Vali Bodea si Bratila (Braila nu stiu cum ) Va asteptam sper ca am fost convingator
  3. hey i need some add-ons for my tactics mod server i need a weapon dmg percentage display a weapon_hit sound a death sound a count in english a hud for weapons which to display the armour and health in percentage do you know where to find those add-ons ?
  4. iti multumesc acum functioneaza nu stiu cum sa-ti multumesc
  5. da sunt roman numai ca m-am saturat numai de roleplay vin cu ceva inovativ
  6. but in what folder in resources because it says me couldnt find meta.xml file loading of resource maps loadinf of resource csmaps failed
  7. in resources folder ?
  8. viewtopic.php?f=108&t=43177&hilit=tactics this is the mod and this is the setup ,settings,ctrl etc
  9. team deathmatch and no the instructions are in russian alphabert
  10. I try to install tactics r12-20 mod on my server but i got some problems i have 2 folders named csmaps and maps with the maps inside them how to install those maps ? because without them mode is 0
  11. zi-mi sincer .tu de unde ai mai aparut din senin.Parca te-a invitat pe tine cineva la bors.Nu te mai caca atata pe tine ca pute .
  12. copile am zis pe facebook ca e un pamflet
  13. crede-ma fa tu unul are resurse pe skins si masini
  14. gibilanx13

    Romania Dayz

    salutare tuturor acesta este cel de-al 5-lea server de dayz mta va asteptam cu drag are aceleasi caracteristici doar ca e mai bun