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  1. Dretax

    MTA Crash

    Seems like the latest client is crashing frequently.
  2. Alright, the walking thing got me confused, can finally run now. Thanks, all anims work correct without replacement.
  3. Welp, I am indeed confused a bit. On a normal server pressing W causes to walk for 1 second, then triggers the spring animation without even pressing space. Is that the normal behaviour? I wonder what's causing me the problem.
  4. Definetely not controlstate. If it was i wouldnt be able to run without weapons. Yes i will test it in the morning on an empty srv.
  5. Yes but see it stops after a few seconds and I don't know why. It wouldn't allow me to run with the m4 after that. Just to clarify, placing an m4 in my hand - > try running -> doesnt work start running -> place m4 in hand -> works for a few seconds -> doesnt work after that
  6. Na-na-na. Everything happened as it happened with your small code. What we have sorted here is my character cannot keep on running with a weapon in his hand. Thats why we started talking about pedstat 23 or walkstyles that could allow running with a weapon. So how are you running with a weapon? Because i definetely cannot.
  7. You don't get It. >.< It is fine as it is currently! I recorded this that i keep pressing space but my character doesnt run with a weapon! When i start running without a weapon, equip one, it runs for a few seconds, then stops, and starts walking again, even though i keep pressing space!
  8. Alright, well my code exactly does that. Tried yours. Here is what's happenin: I keep pressing space, but it just turns back how it was, not allowing me to run with the weapon.
  9. Will test in a couple of mins.
  10. Its a point that you have the animation. Sprinting is required inorder to make it work. Yes. Same as loading a simple animation but have the running effect too.
  11. "It IS RELATED. It is a solution that could solve the issue.The running animation cannot be used hence It requires the player's skill to be 1000 to run with an M4.I used setPedAnimation to obviously allow the players to run with a weapon, but only then the running animation won't trigger.This is something I thought could be the easiest way to resolve the issue."
  12. Please see: https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/354#issuecomment-417794002
  13. I have linked this issue on the MTA repo.
  14. Ahha. Welp, the question is if the stats itself are restricted within GTA, or is restricted by MTA only. If the last is true, then an MTA C module could handle It probably.
  15. Well those are the animation names that are inside the muscle.ifp weren't you needing those? I will test what you have told me though soon, and I will see if i can research anything.
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