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  1. Xenforo Hashing Style

    I know that the thread is old but here is the solution. I have no idea why the sh*tty MTA API doesn't support 2a bcrypts since Its not a big deal, but here is the trick. https://github.com/mabako/mta_bcrypt local PasswordQuery = dbQuery( MYSQL, "SELECT `data`, `user_id` FROM `xf_user_authenticate` WHERE `user_id` = (SELECT `user_id` FROM `xf_user` WHERE `username` = '??') LIMIT 1", user) local PasswordQueryResult, lines1 = dbPoll ( PasswordQuery, -1 ) if lines1 ~= 1 then return end local userwebid = tonumber(PasswordQueryResult[1]["user_id"]) local passwordblob = PasswordQueryResult[1]["data"] local passwordblobreplace = string.gsub(passwordblob, '"', "", 2) local bcrypthash = string.match(passwordblobreplace , '"([^"]*)"') local match = bcrypt_checkpw(password, bcrypthash)
  2. Report: https://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=9756 Thought I would bring the issue on forums to talk about this, since many players are annoyed by the "small lags", but I can't determine the problem. I also have: <donkey_work_interval>400</donkey_work_interval> set to that, read that the 1000 is recommended, but the default is 100. No information about that config setting either.
  3. Get Vehicle's Maxspeed handing in Miles / Hour

    The maxvelocity would return a different value, for setVehicleHandling(jarmu, "maxVelocity", 93.5) max speed i could get is 68 mp/h, which means that your method wouldn't work.
  4. Get Vehicle's Maxspeed handing in Miles / Hour

    Get Vehicle's Maxspeed handing in Miles / Hour
  5. I'm trying to decrease the "interval lagg" for the players since we sometimes see them moving a bit laggy. What does donkey_work_interval do? I currently have It on 1000, but the default is 100.
  6. I don't exactly know how conversion would go for a vehicles maxspeed in miles / hour.
  7. I think thats the point. It seems there is a limit or somekind of. I don't know exactly.
  8. I found It. It happens when you constantly keep creating shaders at a render, and then destroy them. I made a boolean to only create the shader ONCE, so the render just changes the settings for It, and destroys the shader only, when the panel is closed. Seems like the issue that refers that was already said here: I made resource restarts first, they didn't help, but once I did fix that render :~ (Was quite stupid also) It was fixed. However the weird thing is that the actual method also checks if the dxShader is an element or the variable has a value atleast, before It would create It. local elmosasShader local kepernyoSource = dxCreateScreenSource(kepS[1], kepS[2]) local sotetsegRender = false function elmosasBekapcsolasa(sotetseg) if not elmosasShader then if not isElement(elmosasShader) then elmosasShader, blurTec = dxCreateShader("shaderek/elmosasShader.fx") blurErosseg = 6 sotetsegRender = sotetseg or false end end end function elmosasKikapcsolasa( ) if isElement(elmosasShader) then destroyElement(elmosasShader) elmosasShader = nil end end addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, function() if (elmosasShader and isElement(elmosasShader)) then dxUpdateScreenSource(kepernyoSource) dxSetShaderValue(elmosasShader, "ScreenSource", kepernyoSource) dxSetShaderValue(elmosasShader, "BlurStrength", blurErosseg) dxSetShaderValue(elmosasShader, "UVSize", kepS[1]+5, kepS[2]+5) dxDrawImage(0, 0, kepS[1], kepS[2], elmosasShader) if(sotetsegRender) then dxDrawRectangle(-5, -5, kepS[1]+10, kepS[2]+10, tocolor ( 0, 0, 0, 100 )) end end end) The only way for the error to disappear for me was to take out elmosasBekapcsolasa(true) from the other render method, and only call It once when the panel was enabled/disabled. I honestly think this isn't logical, but If It is I honestly believe that It didn't like getting called from a render and then being handled in a render. No idea. It would seem logical in UnityEngine really, but not here. I will report back If we ever got the error again.
  9. Sometimes it happens for us too, was there a solution for this?
  10. Unsure if i wrote in the correct topic, but we are looking for a modeller, who could create us specific buildings or fuel stations designed for our server. The price can be fixed before the modelling, and if we see the result on images or videos we can then escalate to the payment part. We do expect serious works, so please do not contact me if you are not going to finish the work. Thanks.
  11. Is there any sort of world id for the skater skins? EDIT: Oh.. setWorldSoundEnabled(41, 7, false) setWorldSoundEnabled(41, 8, false)
  12. About createcol's rotation

    None of them is the case. As I said, the col is within the vehicle. It just doesn't get detected. Lemme get a screenshot for you. 6m col, definetely within range. outputChatBox("Length " .. #getElementsWithinColShape(shape, "vehicle")) -- Gives 0 back Client side. But fine, I will do the streamin thing you suggested, but that might be using a little more. The moving won't help, since I directly have to check if the vehicle is there or not. Submitted a bug report.
  13. About createcol's rotation

    Interesting. I wanted to create a code that could open a vehicle door in a fast and logical way, however createcol is not detecting the vehicle? (Client) function DoorOpener(button, press) if not press and button == "mouse2" then local px, py, pz = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local shape = createColCircle ( px, py, 6) outputChatBox("Length " .. #getElementsWithinColShape(shape, "vehicle")) -- Gives 0 back for _,v in ipairs(getElementsWithinColShape(shape, "vehicle")) do outputChatBox("Car found") local getComponent = getVehicleComponents(v) for k in pairs (getComponent) do local x, y, z = getVehicleComponentPosition(v, k, "world") local dist = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D (x, y, z, px, py, pz) outputChatBox("Dist: " .. dist) if dist < 1.5 then setVehicleDoorOpenRatio (v, k, 1 - getVehicleDoorOpenRatio(v, k), 0) end end end end end addEventHandler("onClientKey", getRootElement(), DoorOpener) Col is definetely within the vehicle, tested with showcol.
  14. About createcol's rotation

    CreateCol's return is obviously a col object, and It's rotation can't be set. I'm trying to align the collosion with the attach, but there might be another options with it?
  15. attemt to call local v (userdata value)

    Nah, I'm totally fine with Pycharm due to code analysis.