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  1. well,2014 and 2018 is going to be started it's been 4 years and no results My vote goes to Mr.ShariQ
  2. Hello,My name is Virus and i'm a professional photoshop Designer.My designs depends on the design how you want,for idea here is the prices Low Quality:3$ Medium Quality:6$ High Quality :10$ My skype:Sannanahmed12 Instagram:virus.designs Discord:Virus #5736
  3. Name: Virus City: Islamabad,Pakistan Speciality: Designing,Mapping and Photographer Server(s):San Andreas Extreme Gaming
  4. i need this,the map is not working the link is not available
  5. i need a free server Add me in skype sannanahmed18
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    Hello,i am new and i need a servers for free. Thanks. -Skype:sannanahmed18
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    Huh are you kidding me Bro?
  8. 1)Your In game name:Mr.Brembo 2)MTA name:OptimusP=Brembo 3)Can you script? and like to help MTA fellows? 4) you are mapper? and like to help MTA fellows?:Yes I AM MAPPER 5)MTA forums profile: link.ucp.php?i=164