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  1. nahhhh, that weren't so smart think we got one to give the dummy award to now
  2. NPC sux hope you will keep this as a bot free game alot of games have been destroyed by bot's
  3. hmm stil alot of the freezing, are ya own fault, because it normally happend's when a guy using a trinaer in the multiplayer game then it confuses the server a bit, and some stop getting info from it, and you freeze to death, let us call it that the error 000005 is more hard, to work out, because it is the game, file, there is making that error
  4. *lol* don't think, ya can find a server, there can handle 32 player's
  5. hmm ya can always found out, if it is a true e-mail sendt from the adress, or it is a fake e-mail and it is easy to find out, who have send the fake by tracing down his IP there will be released in the fake mail source code
  6. hmm to stop the cheating is first of all undeath cheat and unlimited ammo scould be easy to stop because those are still the same memory adress it is using that's why sometimes the game crash when a guy cheat's because he is trying to edit the memory
  7. hmmm you can go in under official game serverer's right here on the frontpage of mtavc.com there you will find a couple of server's
  8. hmmm nah then i will tell, wait to follow the BF system later in the releases, here in 0.1, it is only chat keppen people play because it get's really boring sometimes 15 minutes in game
  9. hmmm before you get a respond for a person there have gone one sec and before you have typed next line a sec more then respond agian a sec more then you write agian, a sec more have gone so 2 lines for each 5 second's sound's fair to me or make it 3
  10. patch 1.1 is only for those, there had problem,s with their cd-drive
  11. *lol* yrs ofcourse you need gta - vc to play the game the MTA stuff is only server and client tool
  12. hmmmm do ya mena ya can't install the program or just don't get it to locate GTA 3 - VC server's
  13. hmm i think boat's scould come in game but it is to early to talk about now MTA Team need to focus on getting animation in and the ground stuff i think the chopper have been add'ed to soon now they just have a new toy, to play with
  14. ow okay hehe sorry for my stupidity
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