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  1. Hello, I tried to use 1920x1080 resolution, but my screen starts lagging all the time. My fps is always 50/51, but its still lagging. I tried with lowest and highest video settings, but it's same. Any fixes? Best regards Blinker
  2. Blinker.

    MTA lagging
  3. Blinker.

    MTA lagging

    hello , i've been experiencing screen lag in MTA 1.5 , when i set my resolution to 800x600 or lower , my screen starts lag but my fps doesn't change,and if i change 1024x768 or higher my screen doesn't lag and everything is fine , i hadn't this lag in mta 1.4 , only in mta 1.5 , not to mention it's not only me , all players are suffering this screen lag.
  4. hello everyone , i've been working a while on addVehicleUpgrade to add nos to my Vehicle , everything is working fine with nos hybrid , when i changed to nos nfs , if i click 1 time and remove my hand of nos button , the nos will end.. i'm simply using : addVehicleUpgrade(getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer), 1010) i'm using also "race_nos2" resource to change nos state (hybrid/nfs) thanks in advance
  5. hello folks , idk if i'm posting in the right section but here is my problem, i changed things in coreconfig.xml , now i get failed to load shader like 10 times spaming in chat box when i join servers,also i can't open the scoreboard, i see only the black rectangle when i click tab Thanks in advance
  6. Blinker.


    where to get a new api from lol
  7. Blinker.


    so where / how can i get a new api ?
  8. Blinker.


    well so , how to make it work , i mean how to get a new api .. i have 0 knowledge in apis
  9. Blinker.


    Hello folks , i was wondering why am i getting that error in F8 "BASS ERROR 0 in PlayStream b3D = false path = ... SOzN0eihsE" i'm using: playSound("") Thanks in advance. EDIT: Btw , im in a local server , but i have internet.
  10. i already did what gallardo said , thanks anyway
  11. Hello , i was wondering how to make the image go to cache like lua files .. so people can't simply take images of their mta folder.. Thanks in advance.
  12. topic can be locked, ALw7sH came to my server and helped me there , thanks.