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  1. It's been a long ride, 16 years of greatness.
  2. Hemos recibido notificación del dueño del script y hemos procedido a su eliminación.
  3. The owner requested a thread lock, henceforth we comply.
  4. HAZJ

    [Forum Change]

    It's the duty of the staff to do such sensitive stuff as deleting a post/thread, specially when said things could containt information valuable to the community, as in wide used scripts, tutorials, etc. We had a situation where an user pruned his entire account, leaving lots of valuable threads inconsistent.
  5. We have a thread for such reports here: Please post there.
  6. @Cynergetic Don't forget to update your OP with some media whenever you can.
  7. @[SAEG]Wicked I've removed your old topic as requested and I'm glad you made a new one. As the section rules state, the topic has to follow the format [GAMEMODE] Name of the server [LANGUAGE], so I've changed your original topic (Saeg:rpg|1.0| Cops'n Robbers,Civillians,Military,SWAT,Gangs and much more..) to [RPG/Multimode] SAEG:RPG 1.0 [ENGLISH]. Feel free to post changelogs, updates, or whatever you wish onwards after this notice.
  8. @Blast3r As you requested, topic changed.
  9. Puesto que en la sección no tenemos un subforo dedicado a la busqueda de staff y etc, lo dejamos en la sección de offtopic. No obstante te invito a que te des un paseo por la seccion Looking for staff, y si gustas, abras un post siguiendo las directrices de la sección, así tendrás más visibilidad y probablemente atraigas a más gente =).
  10. @Killer Project Please refrain of bumping old topics, and also @Mantos12 you're supossed to write in this subforum specific language.
  11. Nice post, will feature for some time.
  12. Yes, there will be an update soon, and I don't think the development will end anytime soon for now.
  13. @Cpt. Jarkov Could you provide the language of the server? as the section rules state, the language must be provided in the topic, but since I'm not sure if the server is also in polish I won't edit until you reply.
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