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  1. Hi, like majority of the players i got this bug 

    IS there still any fix available? I tried to download ccw's version that he mentioned somewhere but it didnt work. Also, fun thing is i got the same issue a week ago, i fixed it by changing resolution, but since yesterday crash came back...

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  2. Hello there,i have a problem with mta.So my problem is simple.When i m going to play MTA at server.Always it says Timeout and a code.Also in the window says [C26] error.So Well i did about 6-7 times reinstall mta still not working.i did gta reinstall still not.can you might help me and tell me what to do? also my mta version is this: my version is that Multi Theft Auto v1.3.5-release-6433 hope you can help me really because i want to play mta :(