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  1. But why we must pay for download??? thats like a.... Swindle? loool.. Anyway i can wait one day more... But why don't you upload it now to a free link? won't you? If you get it from a free public server on FilePlanet you dont have to pay, you just have to wait a few minutes.
  2. =DA=Avenger use the edit button.
  3. taco bell (dances with a girl) dance like an egyptian snap your garters do the robot You're kinda creepy (gets way close to screen) sit down relax bang your head Are you lookin at me? Do you feel lucky, punk? Cry Show your chicken tenders (Moon) smoke a cigarette throw a tantrum stand on the couch clean the room hit yourself pillow fight kiss the pillow hit yourself with the pillow fight strip spin maybe yes hide behind couch pee on couch waddle die lie to me fly dance jump handstand spin around build a fort turn off the l
  4. From what i heard the article from that mag is fake.
  5. Not sticky anymore since we know gta3:mta is comming
  6. Why should it give problems? SP1 didnt give problems so why would SP2
  7. I locked it first. Bastard
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