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  1. Our server is doing realy well again! The new server is around 2 weeks old now, and we already retrieved quite some scripts, and help from other people. We are currently in BETA stage, but you can already join us on mtasa:// Yesterday, we got 20+/30! I'll keep everyone here updated with news regarding our server. The estimated release (the moment when we get out of BETA) will be in about a month. We have Skype, Discord and a forum. Please join our community @! We're continously developing, full-time. We'll start posting media once we get out of BETA, so stay tuned!
  2. The point is not to create a new kind of zombie. The Katana part will be the player that's spawned in the zombie class. I'll try it out, thanks.
  3. It's not working too well. It gives a warning. My scripter is on it at the moment. Thanks a lot though, pushed me into the right direction! But now I have another problem. It's with another part of the same script. The point of the bit is to make players lose 40hp when they're hit by a zombie player. But it doesn't seem to work, and it gives 0 warnings and 0 errors. Help would be nice. function katana(attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) if getElementData(getRootElement(), "zombie", true) then if getPedWeapon (getRootElement()) == 8 then setElementHealth ( attacker, getElementHealth(attacker) - 40 ) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), katana)
  4. Thanks for the reply, function makeZombie(thePlayer) if getTeamName(getPlayerTeam(thePlayer)) == "Infected"then setElementData(thePlayer, "zombie", true) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), makeZombie) This is what I have now. Still no luck, and no errors/warnings.
  6. Hi community. I made a script that makes the player immune to zombies. It gives them the elementdata, causing zombies to not attack the player. But it doesn't work, the zombies still attack the player. I've made sure the team was correct. Any help would be nice. This is the script I'm using: function makeZombie() if getPlayerTeam(source) == "Infected" then setElementData(source, "zombie", true) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), makeZombie) function removeZombie() if getElementData(source, "zombie", true) then removeElementData(source, "zombie") end end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), removeZombie)
  7. We are sad to announce a unwanted server restart. Long story short, we lost all of our resources, even with a backup. An unfortunate cohesion of circumstances. What will happen now, you ask? We're not going to just shut down our community. That's for the weak. We didn't create a Community for 4 years for nothing. No. We're starting off fresh, rebuilding our server that's so beloved to us. We're starting off from 0 basically. If you once enjoyed this server, or if this project interests you, please help us out with scripters, resources, help, anything you can do. We're re-launching with a new IP. Server should be up 100% with 10 slots until we grow bigger again. Thanks to our players for sticking with us. - Marty Community Director ZI Server Owner
  8. Something terrible happened to the server a few days ago and we're trying to resolve it. More information following soon.
  9. I can help you out a bit. skype marty55501
  10. ''knowledge of PHP/CSS/LUA/MYSQL'' What kind of things do u expect us to create?
  11. Are you new to LUA? If you are, then this might be a problem. But I'll try and give you a push into the right direction. First of all, u can search it on google (gate). If you don't find anything, then try and create your own. Do something like moveObject. Make the gate for example open for the team ''US Army'' only. You do that by checking in what team the player is, and if the team is ''US Army'', the object moves. Hope that helps.
  12. Maybe remove the local in local range = 50?
  13. Try LogMeIn Hamachi.
  14. This was a thing 12 years ago. They're grown-ups now. With lives. Lmao.
  15. It's a mix of RPG and TDM. There are 3 teams that fight each other, and players can create their own clans that also fight each other. So basically it's a massive TDM. But I'll try and bring also a lot of RP / RPG elements into it, to not make it just a simple MTA TDM server, but to give players actually a feeling that THEY ARE the soldiers. That THEY ARE fighting to survive, fighting for domination in a destroyed environment, with limited possibilities and role-play, to keep it simple. That is my goal. Extra information: This server will be English (no other languages will be supported, just like on TZI) however it's allowed to speak in other languages. You won't bother anyone as global chat is by default disabled. Only radio chat is global, but this is limited. We are still developing the server if some people are wondering if this is a dead project. Due to exams, the development basically stagnated now, but we'll keep aiming at 11 September, our first release date. Updates including trailers and teasers will be posted. Once the server releases, this topic will probably close/be removed, and a new one will start including explained and detailed server information. I hope to see you all on the battlefield!