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  1. This is the last release I did to my Server DayZ Latinoamerica version 3.5 (It's in Spanish as main language), I did it like 5 months ago. The all gamemode is encripted and when I open the server I upload everything encripted with other protections, obviously i'm the only one with the decompiled code of the new things I added. Hope you like it: Added 4 more backpacks and changed slots. Added new admin panel (Member Levels) and ban system. I'll not share these things. Added like 30 more vehícles. I added new Survivor Hud like War Z (I did it). I changed old DayZ Scoreboard by Normal One with better things. Also new Vehicles Hud (Another script, edited by me to add DayZ's specifications. I changed lot of more things but I don't have screenshots. I'll not release things like Survivor Hud, Vehicle Hud and other things that aren't showen. As I remember I have a backup of my server, encripted and decripted backup to update it as I want Two Screenshots I took months ago: Maybe you don't understand some words at screenshots so: Nombre = Name Z Asesinados = Zombies Killed Asesinatos = Murders Tiempo Vivo = Time Alive Pais = Country Sangre = Blood Gasolina = Fuel
  2. Well, the Gamemode Includes: Lobby System. Login System. Userpanel. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, if you want this MGM contact me: Skype: xTanKx.MTA Screenshot of the Lobby: To see all of the screenshot, right click on the screenshot and then open it in a new window Screenshots of the Login Panel: Login: Register: DX Message when login: More Screenshots Soon! You have to know that this is not cheap.
  3. 4 bags to increase te roll? bandage ? jajajaja you modified DayZ Gamemode JAJAJAJAJAJAJA Guys dayz gm is free to download!
  4. here you have more lines: if ( t ~= "Players" ) then for i, v in pairs ( WayPointLocs [ t ] ) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( source ) guiGridListSetItemText ( source, row, 1, tostring ( i ), true, true ) for k, f in pairs ( WayPointLocs [ t ] [ i ] ) do local row = guiGridListAddRow ( source ) guiGridListSetItemText ( source, row, 1, tostring ( f [ 1 ] ), false, false ) guiGridListSetItemData ( source, row, 1, f ) end end
  5. First Error: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected got nil) Line of first Error: for i, v in pairs ( WayPointLocs [ t ] ) do And here is the table WayPointLocs: WayPointLocs = { ['Jobs'] = { -- Los Santos { "LS - Criminal 1", 1625.33, -1509.2, 13.6 }, { "LS - Criminal 2", 2141.6, -1733.16, 17.29 }, { "LS - Mechanic", 2277.06, -2359.07, 13.58 }, { "LS - Medic", 1178.47, -1327.87, 14.12 }, { "LS - Police", 1545.88, -1681.27, 13.56 }, }, ['Locations'] = { -- Los Santos ['Los Santos'] = { -- { "Name", x, y, z } { "Ammunation", 1366.23, -1278.39, 13.6 }, { "Bank", 914.4, -995.55, 38.19 }, { "All Saints General Hospital", 1184.45, -1322.87, 13.57 }, { "Jefferson Hospital", 2001, -1446.85, 13.56 }, { "Transfender Modshop", 1041.3, -1032.18, 32.09 }, { "Aircraft Modshop", 1937.03, -2302.26, 13.55 }, { "Lowrider Modshop", 2644.5, -2020.54, 13.55 }, { "Pay n' Spray", 1025.46, -1031.82, 32.02 }, { "Pay n' Spray", 2077.75, -1831.17, 13.38 }, { "Pay n' Spray", 1921.97, -2247.42, 13.55 }, { "Sports Car Shop (Grotti)", 551.84, -1272.28, 17.3 }, { "Ghetto Car Shop (Coutt And Schutz)", 551.84, -1272.28, 17.3 }, { "Cycle Shop", 1802.8, -1914.98, 13.4 }, { "Aircraft Shop", 1802.8, -1914.98, 13.4 }, }, ['San Fierro'] = { { "Wheel Arch Angels Modshop", -2712.92, 217.36, 4.25 }, { "Transfender Modshop", -1936.02, 234.95, 34.31 }, { "Pay n' Spray", -1904.97, 273.14, 41.05 }, { "Sports Car Shop", -1972.91, 286.07, 35.17 }, { "San Fierro Medical Center", -2661.14, 606.22, 13.86 }, } }, ['Players'] = { }, ['Custom'] = { }, } Second error: attemp to index local 'f' (a number value) Line of second error: guiGridListSetItemText ( source, row, 1, tostring ( f [ 1 ] ), false, false )
  6. I can't use /turfcolor or /groupchatcolor
  7. With a line like this: end )] is the same error
  8. It's not hard at all, can be done with less than 10 lines, and that's why you probably won't get support here. There's 150 lines of well written client side code and you're having trouble with just a few lines of the server side, which you didn't even tried to make, that kind of signs usually indicates that the script is leaked or stolen. Starting your post by saying "I have this" won't say anything about the author, no credits or license was found in the script, what are you trying to hide? If you really wrote this yourself then you won't have any trouble writing the server side part, you should at least try before asking someone to do all the work for you. I never said that I wrote the clientside, and You're right about that.
  9. Well in the line 208 I have this: end )]] And the error is: [2014-10-31 06:24:20] SCRIPT ERROR: [NG]\NGTurf\server.lua:208: unexpected symbol near ']' [2014-10-31 06:24:20] ERROR: Loading script failed: [NG]\NGTurf\server.lua:208: unexpected symbol near ']'
  10. If you can do it, and the same with another Event script that I have, I can pay via PayPal. Contact me at my skype: xTanKx.MTA If you can do that, I can pay, tell me how much
  11. Well, I have the clientside of the script DDEvent, however, I need a serverside. Can you help me to make the Serverside? This is the clientside: local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() local ddCanShoot = false local RCBDD = false --Marker Blip exports.customblips:createCustomBlip(2720, -1827, 25, 25, "blip.png", 100.0) function createDDGUI() --Window ddWindow = guiCreateWindow((screenWidth / 2) - 209.5, (screenHeight / 2) - 75.5, 419, 151, "Signup For DD Event", false) --Label ddInfoLabel = guiCreateLabel(11, 26, 396, 72, "Would you like to signup for the DD event?\nPlease note that the DD event will not start until 20 players have signed up for the event.\nEntry fee is 5,000. Winner gets 50,000.", false, ddWindow) --Buttons ddSignupButton = guiCreateButton(22, 110, 143, 26, "Signup", false, ddWindow) ddCancelButton = guiCreateButton(256, 110, 143, 26, "Cancel", false, ddWindow) guiSetAlpha(ddWindow, 1) guiWindowSetSizable(ddWindow, false) guiSetVisible(ddWindow, false) guiLabelSetVerticalAlign(ddInfoLabel, "center") guiLabelSetHorizontalAlign(ddInfoLabel, "center", true) guiSetFont(ddInfoLabel, "clear-normal") --Handlers addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", ddSignupButton, onDDSignupButtonClick, false) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", ddCancelButton, onDDCancelButtonClick, false) end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, createDDGUI) function onDDSignupButtonClick(button, state) if (button ~= "left" or state ~= "up") then return end if (RCBDD) then triggerServerEvent("ddevent.signupForRCBDD", root, onDDSignupButtonClick) guiSetVisible(ddWindow, false) showCursor(false) else triggerServerEvent("ddevent.signupForDD", root, onDDSignupButtonClick) guiSetVisible(ddWindow, false) showCursor(false) end end function onDDCancelButtonClick(button, state) guiSetVisible(ddWindow, false) showCursor(false) end function showSignupGUI(isRCBDD) guiSetVisible(ddWindow, true) showCursor(true) if (isRCBDD) then RCBDD = true guiSetText(ddWindow, "Signup For RC Baron DD Event") guiSetText(ddInfoLabel, "Would you like to signup for the RC Baron DD event?\nPlease note that the event will not start until 10 players have signed up for the event.\nEntry fee is $5,000. Winner gets $30,000.") else RCBDD = false guiSetText(ddWindow, "Signup For DD Event") guiSetText(ddInfoLabel, "Would you like to signup for the DD event?\nPlease note that the DD event will not start until 20 players have signed up for the event.\nEntry fee is $5,000. Winner gets $50,000.") end end addEvent("ddevent.showSignupGUI", true) addEventHandler("ddevent.showSignupGUI", root, showSignupGUI) function startDD(RCBDD) setTimer(ddCountDown, 1000, 1, 3) local fireKeys = getBoundKeys("vehicle_fire") if (fireKeys and #fireKeys > 0) then for key, state in pairs(fireKeys) do bindKey(key, state, vehicleFire) end else if (not RCBDD) then bindKey("lctrl", "down", vehicleFire) bindKey("rctrl", "down", vehicleFire) bindKey("mouse1", "down", vehicleFire) end end if (not RCBDD) then bindKey("lshift", "down", vehicleJump) end -- addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, removeGUIs) end addEvent("ddevent.startDD", true) addEventHandler("ddevent.startDD", root, startDD) function ddCountDown(count) if (count == 0) then count = "Go" playSoundFrontEnd(45) else playSoundFrontEnd(44) end exports.CSFtrivia:sMessage(count, 0, 255, 0) if (tostring(count) == "Go") then setElementFrozen(getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer), false) ddCanShoot = true return end setTimer(ddCountDown, 1000, 1, count - 1) end function vehicleFire() if (not ddCanShoot) then return end if (isPlayerDead(localPlayer)) then return end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local posX, posY, posZ = getElementPosition(vehicle) local _, _, rotZ = getElementRotation(vehicle) posX = posX + (math.cos(math.rad(rotZ + 90))) posY = posY + (math.sin(math.rad(rotZ + 90))) createProjectile(vehicle, 19, posX, posY, posZ + 0.75) ddCanShoot = false setTimer(setCanShoot, 3000, 1) end function setCanShoot() ddCanShoot = true end function vehicleJump() if (isPlayerDead(localPlayer)) then return end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if (not isVehicleOnGround(vehicle)) then return end local velX, velY, velZ = getElementVelocity(vehicle) setElementVelocity(vehicle, velX, velY, velZ + 0.35) end function endDD() local fireKeys = getBoundKeys("vehicle_fire") if (fireKeys and #fireKeys > 0) then for key, state in pairs(fireKeys) do unbindKey(key, state, vehicleFire) end else unbindKey("lctrl", "down", vehicleFire) unbindKey("rctrl", "down", vehicleFire) unbindKey("mouse1", "down", vehicleFire) end unbindKey("lshift", "down", vehicleJump) -- removeEventHandler("onClientRender", root, removeGUIs) end addEvent("ddevent.endDD", true) addEventHandler("ddevent.endDD", root, endDD) function removeGUIs() for index, window in pairs(getElementsByType("gui-window")) do if (guiGetVisible(window)) then guiSetVisible(window, false) end end end
  12. Bueno, este servidor ya ha sido abierto por mi: xTanKx, hace tiempo aunque he estado actualizando el servidor. Siempre tubo un estilo propio el cual no es igualable con otros servidores, la ultima ves que lo abri fue en la version del Gamemode DayZ Latinoamerica 3.0. La cual era inovadora pero le faltaba mucho para parecerce a la actual. Aqui les dejo una descripción del contenido del servidor con varias imagenes: Visualizacion del Gamemode Modificada completamente y traducido. Sistema de gasolina DayZ Latinoamerica 3.5 Sistema de vehiculos realista que permite retirar las partes de los que no estan en funcionamiento, incluyendo la gasolina, siempre y cuando se tenga en el inventario un empty gas canister. (Esto solo se puede hacer si la persona tiene Herramientas - Toolbox ) Sistema VIP. Panel de logueo personalizado. Habilidad para esconder cuerpos teniendo la pala. Total de 30 vehiculos aproximadamente. Bases con alarma. Sistema de selección de sexo, solo cuando se registra la cuenta. Total de 8 Mochilas, la maxima de 75 slots. Nombre de armas modificado completamente incluyendo su modelo. Arma especial agregada: Ballesta con su correspondiente modelo y su sonido de disparo. Speedometer modificado y acoplado al gamemode junto con el systema de gasolina. Realmente en mi opinion lo que destaca de mi version es que desde que abri el server en DayZ Latinoamerica 1.0 comence a intentar hacer algo inovador, que tenga un sentido del porque entrar a este server y no a otro. Aqui les dejo unas imagenes del servidor: Den click derecho y abrir imagen en una pestaña nueva para verla completa!!! Supongo que ya han visto el inventario con esos colores y botones en otros servidores, (repito hablo de los colores y de sus botones), por ello vale la pena recordar que en esos servidores que lo han visto han sacado el inventario de mi servidor ya desde la version 2.0. Aunque esta ves el mismo esta compilado de manera que si lo sacan deberan aguantarse que siempre diga Dueño del servidor | xTanKx en su servidor. Me tomo la molestia de preguntarles que opinan sobre el servidor y que les parece abrirlo en esta nueva version, DayZ Latinoamerica 3.5. Por ultimo me tomo la molestia de avisar a aquellos que les gusta entrar a robar scripts, que los mismos de este servidor no se guardan en su carpeta resources, y a su ves estan completamente compilados de manera que sea improbable que se pueda robar el gamemode. Tambien los invito a pasarse por mi servidor New Country RPG! |CnR|Turf|Trabajos|Drogas|Armas|Robos|Gangs| Este abrió hace muy poco sin embargo tenemos buenas espectativas y esperamos que tambien lo disfruten aquellos que entren! La ip de este: mtasa:// Puedes contactarme por skype: xTanKx.MTA Saludos, xTanKx
  13. xTanKx


    It looks made by Photoshop, show more screenshots or a video.
  14. Well, I'm making my RPG Server, and I want to give players who are in safe zone infinite health. I tryed to use these lines but don't work function canceldamage() if (not isElementWithinSafeZone(localPlayer)) then return end if (getElementDimension(localPlayer) ~= 0) then return end cancelEvent() end addEventHandler("onClientPedDamage", getRootElement(), canceldamage) Can you help me to do that?
  15. I have problem with my script it doesn't work.. It doesn't start when I try to run it I don't know why... Here is my code: ERROR: Gangs\server.lua:23: Database query failed: no such table: GangMembers ERROR: Gangs\server.lua:25: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) ERROR: Gangs\server.lua:63: Database query failed: no such table: GangMembers ERROR: Gangs\server.lua:370: Database query failed: no such table: GangMembers
  16. xTanKx

    Help me!

    Thank you! It works
  17. xTanKx

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    Well, I want to make a new World Map for my DayZ Server, but first, I have to remove the original GTA SA Map. Time ago I saw a script wich removes all GTA SA Map. Help please, I want to start with the project. GNX GAMING DayZ Latinoamerica 3.0 | www.GNXGaming.webuda.com | --> ENTER NOW!
  18. I'm interesed in these scripts, can you add me at Skype? My Skype: xTanKx.MTA I can pay via PayPal. Or give me your skype account to add you.
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