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  1. Glad that its finally released
  2. Compte paypal mayt7allech fi tounes ...Ken 3andek chkoun men barra ynajjem y5alles el host goulli
  3. Rounder

    1.4 Beta Release

    @3B00DG4MER Can't just edit your first post instead of whore posting ?
  4. Rounder

    1.4 Beta Release

    The more bugs you report the more you make the release closer.As i said CIT players have reported almost all of the bugs, so it will release in a few days afaik
  5. Rounder

    1.4 Beta Release

    Well as im a part of CIT The server is currently running in 1.4 version, there was some problems including random crushs but after the recent patch, it works perfect. We're doing our testing the beta release by reporting the bugs and the glitches.
  6. That was nice really, i like people that make something new from something old, you deserve the good job word.
  7. Rounder

    BoX3r DAncing Crew :p

    Nice one, but isn't harlem shake kinda old ?
  8. Summer is coming, we'll have a new legendary peak as soon, brace yourself
  9. I honestly dont like that, every official server's forum have its own IRC page, you can use that page instead of opening the IRC, its really easy to use so there's no point of adding this, and i think its kinda hard to be added.. Just use the "windows" button and go to that page, faster and easy.
  10. Rounder

    Quick Update on 1.3.5

    Oh btw sprinting now is nothing, but i didn't get something whats the problem with it ? we players enjoyed it so why ruining the fun by lowering it ? its really a shame That what made newbies with no skills win the game, if so what's the point of playing ? without a goal ? i used to play daily to learn new skills that what makes people play the game for hours, plus since everyone can run faster by pressing space too much times why disabling ? it isn't even a unfair feature, honestly updates used to promote the game but you guys are demoting it, with respect i suggest re-adding it, Kind regards Rounder.
  11. Maye5demech fu tounes ... ken ki daber acc men barra w et7al-a with proxy mte3 USA well FR