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  1. Speedo

    MTA Crashes right after Loading Screen

    Thumps UP Anyone?
  2. Hi all,i'm here asking for help, because its from yesterday that i cant play, wait, i cant even open MTA here is the link of the log of MTADiag https://pastebin.mtasa.com/984051021 and the screen i get after i run MTA I tryed unistalling MTA but nothing, removing and reinstalling the GPU Drivers but nothin My card is a :~ty and old Radeon HD5450 1GB DDR3, i never changed since i started playing MTA on 2013, and it has been more than enough.. what happened now? is my GPU dead or its going to die soon xD? Thanks in advance
  3. Look 1st post here, i found 2 .lua file saved on my documents (i downloaded them not made by me).. i will post it here to see if this one is correct, i will test it on a map if you need -- Edit
  4. Speedo

    [HELP]Custom Handling to MTA Maps

    Bump You can close/delete this one, i resolved it
  5. Hi all, i've looker around ,in community and the forum itself and cant find anything like this. Well i found the script to shoot from the car, but this apply to all cars in the map, i need one script that apply the rocket to only 1 car or 2. Here the script i want to modify: local shootingAllowed = true function playerSpawn() shootingAllowed = true end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerSpawn", getLocalPlayer(), playerSpawn) function doShoot() if shootingAllowed == true then if not isPlayerDead(getLocalPlayer()) then shootingAllowed = false local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) local x,y,z = getElementPosition(theVehicle) local rX,rY,rZ = getVehicleRotation(theVehicle) local x = x+4*math.cos(math.rad(rZ+90)) local y = y+4*math.sin(math.rad(rZ+90)) createProjectile(theVehicle, 19, x, y, z, 1.0, nil) setTimer(allowShooting, 3000, 1) end end end function allowShooting() shootingAllowed = true end for keyName, state in pairs(getBoundKeys("fire")) do bindKey(keyName, "down", doShoot) end
  6. Speedo

    Warning: edf\edf.lua:1393: (race map)

    Up! Nobody knows or got some solutions, there's nothing i can do?
  7. Hi all I uploaded a map for a server, but it was declined because the admin got this message "map with this name wasnt found" ,i checked meta.xml file and it was all ok. So i tryed with debugscript 3 on map editor and i got this: What this mean? if i test the map i can play it but i always get these warning, when i open it.. i dont know what's wrong.. maybe some object? Hope someone can help me, thanks for reading Have a nice day
  8. Speedo

    [HELP]Custom Handling to MTA Maps

    Nope.. if i add the server script when i upload a map , it wont work because the server i'm uploading dont support (or dont need ) this file. If i write on type=client the handling wont work on my map.. but it will work on the server?
  9. Speedo

    [HELP]Custom Handling to MTA Maps

    Thanks again for the quick reply i tried this and i dont got the message, but on the meta.xml the script its added <meta> <file src="handling.lua" /> <script src="handling.lua" type="client" /> <info gamemodes="race" type="map" name="test" version="1.0.0"></info> <map src="test.map" dimension="0"></map> ecc... EDIT: I changed type=server and know it works .. but i'm not that will work on the server, for example to add a custom vehicle on the meta.xml file i put this.. you see that on "type" there's client and not server Will it work on the game, or it will work only on map editor? i ask you because when i upload the map on the server, i need to delete this file from the folder of the map " mapEditorScriptingExtension_s.lua "(that its the script of the server) this is why i doubt that it will work, thanks again for the help.. i appreciate it <meta> <file src="infernus.txd" /> <file src="infernus.dff" /> <script src="vehicle.lua" type="client" /> <info gamemodes="race" type="map"... ect ect </meta>
  10. Speedo

    [HELP]Custom Handling to MTA Maps

    First of all thanks for the reply Yesterday i tryed this , but it didnt worked.. can you tell me which parameters i should change? function handlingChange () setModelHandling(560, "mass", 1050.0) setModelHandling(560, "turnMass", 3500.0) setModelHandling(560, "dragCoeff", 1.3) setModelHandling(560, "centerOfMass", { 0.0, 0.3, -0.15 } ) setModelHandling(560, "percentSubmerged", 75) setModelHandling(560, "tractionMultiplier", 0.65) setModelHandling(560, "tractionLoss", 0.85) setModelHandling(560, "tractionBias", 0.5) setModelHandling(560, "numberOfGears", 5) setModelHandling(560, "maxVelocity", 450.0) setModelHandling(560, "engineAcceleration", 40.0) setModelHandling(560, "engineInertia", 5.0) setModelHandling(560, "driveType", "rwd") setModelHandling(560, "engineType", "petrol") setModelHandling(560, "brakeDeceleration", 8.0) setModelHandling(560, "brakeBias", 0.5) setModelHandling(560, "ABS", false) setModelHandling(560, "steeringLock", 40.0) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionForceLevel", 1.0) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionDamping", 0.20) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionHighSpeedDamping", 0.0) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionUpperLimit", 0.28) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionLowerLimit", -0.10) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionFrontRearBias", 0.5) setModelHandling(560, "suspensionAntiDiveMultiplier", 0.3) setModelHandling(560, "seatOffsetDistance", 0.25) setModelHandling(560, "collisionDamageMultiplier", 0.60) setModelHandling(560, "monetary", 35000) setModelHandling(560, "modelFlags", 0x40002804) setModelHandling(560, "handlingFlags", 0x4000001) setModelHandling(560, "headLight", 1) setModelHandling(560, "tailLight", 1) setModelHandling(560, "animGroup", 1) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, handlingChange)
  11. Hi all , i'm new here As my first topic i wanted to ask something on custom handling. I started play ffs gaming something like 8 months ago, while i was playing i noticied that in some map (race one) the cars had custom handling, and now i want to ask you how i can do it i started mapping (i just did 2-3 maps) i learned how to add custom mod or song (there're the tutorials for these) but i didnt found anything about custom handling. I searched everywhere (here too) but i didnt found anything that could help me, and now i'm here to ask you how i can do it i think there's a .lua script to make it possible, but i didnt found anything about it. Thanks to all who will reply this