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  1. The entire site was designed and coded by me, get some facts before your criticize, I recruited the admins to manage front end issues such as news etc. which they do by using an admin panel which I created. Im not gonna insult your work but just look at the stats, we have over 2300 members and more than 5 times the amount of forum members than battle of teams. On top of that, I was emailed by IJS and was asked that Gangs of GTA become the official competition system of MTA. Blokker posted about it as well.
  2. If I understand your criticism correctly, you are saying my single and team ladders will not work unless I have a system which doesn't require 24 hour administration? On the contrary, the gang and single player ladders are much more complicated and sophisticated than they may seem. They are both 90% done and when finished will incorporate a money system with banks, drug market, property system using flash & php and personal user and gang shops. The whole system will run together. For example, the solo ladders; members can join the ladders to be ranked, then if they wish, they can join a
  3. I think it would be f'ing crazy if we could get those toy vans in the MTA with those RC bombers. That would be awesome, we could have long range attacks from all over the city! Also the RC cars would be cool.
  4. swift

    New french MTA gang

    i understand, it feels kinda weird playing in a server where all the chat is in some other language, but you cant blame the ones who cant speak english of course. lol, the reason I posted is cuz my nephew is french, but please continue w/ the flaming. hehe
  5. cd crack is also good, switching cds is such a hassle, also, cd cracks are not warez.
  6. swift

    New french MTA gang

    It's kind of hard speaking a foreign language with friends in a game, English speakers don’t have to think or translate what they wanna say, they just say it, but anyone else, wtf is the point of chatting if you gotta take 3 minutes to figure out how to say something in English. Seriously what’s the problem? are you really gonna miss out on that much conversation?
  7. lol anywayz, kicking you for ping over 100? everybody's pings are over 100! I think the euro's should all pitch in and buy themselves a server just for europe, eh?
  8. I read that R* was going to build the game from scratch this time with new engine and everything!! wtf! i dont want the same engine. That means they can only barely improve the graphics cuz they gotta make the game for ps2. damn, f* sony, their holding back the game!!
  9. at least one does, http://www.gangsofgta.com/index.php?pag ... ang_id=132
  10. wow, i would take cover, people almost got banned on irc for asking this question.
  11. hey whats your hosting company afr0? and also, you must be running many firewalls on your servers, which one is the best in your opinion? Black Ice? Router firewall? i think the goons server got so much attention cuz the name is so long its the first one you see, thats why i started joining it. also, we wont ever be able to run more than one server from one machine correct? cuz of ip and junk right?
  12. mta port: 2003 start mta server on computer, then put your ip in the mta client, cuz your connecting to your own server, "start -> run -> ipconfig" to find your ip then just connect to that ip from all your computers.
  13. how do you enable a hardware firewall on your nic card can you open and close ports like a router? also what about Black ICE? I run it on my server.
  14. swift

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    damn, I agree with Loendal, i wanna change my vote to keep it all together
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