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  1. Files seems to be removed, but the way to reach is to change ur PC date to 2016
  2. ma2med

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    Seems to be global lol or maybe I am wrong
  3. ma2med

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    Yea seen your thread, weird thing is that appear on every servers, I almost had heart attack when seen that lol
  4. ma2med

    ERROR VF #4 JR9Z

    Weird error appear, many friends and players seems to have this since 10-15 minutes.
  5. Put cache="false" in meta.xml like that <file src="yourfile" cache="false" />
  6. try this dbExec(db, "UPDATE stats SET anyvalue = ?", name) 
  8. Very nice Great work EDIT/ There is problem, I can't rejoin my own server it crash with your resources.
  9. Maybe function _G from that page
  10. ma2med

    restart resource

    local res = getResourceFromName("araclar") if getResourceState(res) == "running" then restartResource(res) end