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  1. Well it's not stay the same if it's string so I replaced with numbers and it's working now but ty anyway
  2. This is not in same order when converting to json
  3. Hello, I want to sort json but when I'm converting table to JSON it become like this Table [1] = "blabla", [2] = "blabla2", [3] = "blabla3" JSON [2] = "blabla2", [3] = "blabla3", [1] = "blabla" I mean by that example that the JSON is not sorted when its converted thanks.
  5. oki, thanks
  6. I meant for COL, DFF and TXD and thanks for the reply.
  7. Which software you use for conversion?
  8. Nice.
  9. Hello, how to create account on wiki ?
  10. On which resolution this working?
  11. Roleplay (previously called
  12. they maybe removed "user.console" in ACL